Monday, July 02, 2007


I’m a lot more optimistic these days than most.  Trends are positive:

  1. The Zionist Plan for the Middle East is falling apart (more on the peculiarities of Israeli colonial plans, peculiarities which doomed them to fail, later).

  2. The Hamas victory over the Fatah collaborators was a necessary step and not, despite what you may be reading, what Abrams or his Israeli bosses wanted.

  3. The latest interference in Lebanon by Abrams was also a failure.  The most important aspect of the failure is that Prince Bandar was publicly tied to collaboration with the Israelis, collaboration which resulted in the death of innocent Sunni civilians.  This kind of public embarrassment is needed in order to discourage the tendency of Sunni regimes in the Middle East to follow the lead of the Zionists (something the Egyptians need to learn quickly).  The current Saudi king – probably the best they have ever had (damning with faint praise?) – seems to prefer an approach to Iran which is not influenced by the Zionists, whose sole goal, after all, is causing inter-Muslim wars.  Advanced Arab thinking finally accepts the fact that the Zionist approach is based entirely on Yinon, weakening Middle East countries by breaking them up and having them fight one another.

  4. Iraq is supposed to have disintegrated by now.  The surge, a final sop to the neocons intended to complete the job of breaking up Iraq, is a failure, and will just result in the deaths of more people, Iraqi civilians and American soldiers.  The entire Iraq project is starting to bother moderate Republicans, but not, of course, the Jew-owned Democrats, who just pay lip service to being bothered.  I continue to be amused by the Democrat camp followers, who can’t admit that Jew-control is the real reason for baffling Democrat policy, and hold out for the idea that doing the exact opposite of what the people who voted for you want is some kind of brilliant electoral strategy.

  5. The Hezbollah victory over Israel and the ease with which Hamas defeated the Israeli collaborators shows that disciplined Arab groups which avoid any contact with Israel are capable of putting up a winning fight.

  6. The average American is aware of what is really going on in Washington.  The debates on the internet – usually featuring some lying lite Zionist approach which is intended to hide the Jewish role, and thus foster the Project of continuing to use the United States to build Greater Israel – is limited to the internet.  Real Americans know perfectly well what has been going on, as do the members of the American Establishment.  Ignoring the growing fury is going to have repercussions.

  7. Despite what you may be reading, the chances of an attack by the United States on Iran, which were around zero, are now even less, with the almost complete loss of neocon influence in Washington (Cheney, the bribed VP that is their last hold on power, is just trying to keep his job over the summer).  The gulf between the opinions shared by both ‘elite’ and average Americans, and what you will see daily in the Jew-controlled American media, has never been greater.

The most encouraging factor is the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘War on Terror’ is wearing out its welcome.  What must have struck the British strategists – and would be closely watched by their American counterparts – is what little effect the latest fake British terror scam is having on the British public.  Despite the predictable frenzy whipped up by the British press, the reaction from the public is a big yawn.  People (eventually) figure out that they are being used and manipulated.

The terror scam in Britain has to be understood within the institutional underpinnings of a security state.  There are a lot of people who make money and obtain promotions solely based on their ability to stir up fear of terror.  If there is no terrorism, the institutions have to manufacture it.  We are now seeing – in the United States, Britain, and Canada – the new industry of manufacturing terrorist groups through the use of government informants.  The authorities can make a name for themselves, and obtain promotions, through arresting the patsies.

We also now have what we could call the Jackboot-Industrial Complex, a huge network of private security firms.  These are usually run by ex-soldiers, people who like violence but don’t have much in the way of brains, whose future absent the War on Terror would be as security guards in shopping malls.  Suddenly, they are respected businessman in a growing industry.  There is a huge incentive to play out the string of Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘War on Terror’ for as long as possible.  The Jackboot-Industrial Complex includes the cretin ‘experts’ on terrorism, who get to be the talking heads in the media and, of course, play up the importance of their only claim to fame.  Giving stupid but violent people untrammeled power and influence is the way to fascism.  We need to send them back to the shopping malls.

The latest London ‘bombs’ follow the predictable pattern.  Despite no time to gather evidence, authorities, the press, and the ‘experts’ immediately label the attacks as ‘al Qaeda’.  The authorities then arrest the ‘usual suspects’, who, not surprisingly, are all Muslims, and thus complete the circular reasoning by claiming that this proves the ‘al Qaeda’ connection.  ‘The boy who cried wolf’ was cried wolf enough times now that the average person is no longer fooled.  We all recognize a crock of shit when we see it.

Gordon Brown had just replaced the poodle, and would naturally look to be reelected by distancing himself from poodle concerns.  There was a huge danger that Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘War on Terror’ would be deemphasized.  I doubt that the ‘bombs’ were government issue.  Rather, the Jackboot-Industrial Complex, both private and public, saw an opportunity to force Brown to stay on the gravy train.  Their big problem, and the biggest cause for optimism, is that their plans no longer resonate with the general public.  People won’t continue to put up with being pushed around, and having to pay for the privilege through the ruinously expensive, and 100% wasteful (absolutely nothing useful to human beings is produced), security systems (not just the cost of the jackbooted thugs, but all the time wasted in airport lines, the complete loss of privacy, etc.), when they can see the entire apparatus is just political manipulation of their emotions.