Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Annals of the resistance: winning the war against slurring

Professor David Noble of York University in Toronto pointed out some truths about the connections between his university and Zionism, and was slurred by the university by being called bigoted (they somehow managed to avoid calling him ‘self-hating’).  An arbitrator has determined that the university’s slur violated his academic freedom.  His next battle is in the incompetently managed Ontario Human Rights Commission (which is busy on the rural Ontario sport of ‘nippertipping’ – a new word for your vocabulary – a problem the Commission appears to have manufactured, as the real issue appears to be vigilante actions against illegal fishing, some of which fishing has a commercial aspect), which is being asked to decide whether to review York's practice of cancelling classes on Jewish high holidays.  No other religion is similarly favored (if they granted similar rights to all religions they would have to cancel classes almost every day of the year, which might be a good idea!).   I suppose York could opt for accuracy in nomenclature, and change its name to the Talmudic School of the Toronto Suburbs.