Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some consumer conspiracy theories

Some consumer conspiracy theories:

  1. In an a article on how big corporations get away with murder with respect to various ethical and legal outrages, Thomas Kostigen provides a hint on how to make money on the stockmarket:

    "When charges are assailed or court cases waged and stock prices drop – it's a good time to buy. Chances are if history is any measure, those corporations won't have to pay up. Vulture investors make their money this way. And the government is good at feeding them."

  2. Compact digital cameras have the best picture quality at around 6 megapixels, and companies that try to sell you a higher number are scamsters (found via here).  You can only pack about 6 megapixels on the tiny sensors before they interfere with each other, reducing image quality.  The same analysis doesn’t apply to DSLRs, which have the space for larger sensors.

  3. Skiing conspiracy theories.

  4. Is the war on Islam really the war against Islam’s prohibition of usury?  This is not my favorite type of conspiracy theory, but with the vast number of foreclosures on the horizon due to the sub-prime scam, the American public might be ready for some old-fashioned bankster bashing.