Monday, December 03, 2007

Steampunk hospitals

From The Independent (via the Angry Arab News Service: my emphasis in red):

“Israel's Supreme Court has intervened to stop the military from beginning phased cuts in electricity supply to Gaza from tomorrow, while allowing reductions in fuel to continue.

The court ordered the military yesterday to prove its claim – strongly contested by Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups – that the electricity cuts could be implemented without harming vital systems such as hospitals, water and sewerage. Gisha, one of the Israeli groups which had petitioned the court, said the decision would mean a delay of at least three weeks and it was optimistic that the court would ultimately ban electricity cuts as illegal.”

You have to admit that the idea that hospitals could operate without electricity – an idea that the Israeli Supreme Court considers to be in the realm of the provable – is amusing, and fits into the new genre of steampunk.  Can’t you just see those steam-powered operating rooms?  Of course, I don’t know how they’d generate the steam.

The role of the Israeli Supreme Court is to provide window dressing for Zionism by purporting to supervise its worst excesses.  By overseeing crimes against humanity like house destruction, wall building, and torture, it provides a veneer of credibility which is then used by Zionists to justify these crimes.  Since the ‘internationally respected’ Israeli Supreme Court has given its approval, what Israel does must be moral and legal and humanitarian.  The general technique is to prohibit a few of the most obviously outrageous practices, while allowing the great bulk to proceed.  I note that the Nazis employed their court system in exactly the same way.