Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008:

  1. Even though the New Hampshire recount is still in process, and only a few of the most preliminary results released, three political scientists from Columbia have already analyzed the whole thing, and determined that there is absolutely nothing wrong!  I think this tells us more about these three political scientists than about the voting procedures of New Hampshire.

  2. In another incident that reminds me of the allegations about Hal Turner, a Canadian lawyer who makes his living appearing before the Canadian Human Rights Commission – and who, of course, has been honored by the Canadian Jewish Congress – has been accused of visiting an extremist web site and posting a particularly nasty comment there.  The site then ended up the subject of investigation by the Commission!  This is like an ambulance chaser who sets up accidents!  If there is any truth to this – and I note it is still just allegations (details of the investigation are here) – the Law Society might want to investigate it (applying the concept of champerty – third-party support of litigation which benefits the third party – to internet trolls, not to mention considering the skirting of a lot of laws of professional conduct).  If Warman colluded with the Human Rights Commission, a criminal investigation of both might even be warranted.  It is funny that the infringing of ‘free speech’ by Human Rights Commissions is just now becoming an issue in the mainstream right in Canada just as Canadian Muslims are learning how to use human rights law.

  3. The Israelis have finally gone completely apeshit insane on Gaza, after its Supreme Court decided that cutting off the electricity to hospitals was in accordance with Israeli law (and thus approved the Steampunk Hospital).  Also note this interesting misreported story on the bombing of an already bombed building, a disguised terror attack on nearby civilians. links each week to the “Weekly Report:  On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”, the most recent of which is here, and which grows ever longer.  No one has as yet been killed by the rockets that somebody is firing towards Siderot, the nominal excuse for the massive collective punishment campaign being waged against all international law and morality by the Jewish State.