Friday, February 29, 2008

Freud on Zionism

Freud on Zionism (this is from the 'improved' translation, which isn't much different than the original; note the usual annoying politics prompted by the usual group):
"I do not believe that Palestine can ever become a Jewish State or that both the Christian and Islamic world will ever be prepared to entrust their holy places to Jewish care. To me it would have seemed more sensible to establish a Jewish homeland on a historically unencumbered soil; I do know that with such a rational plan one could never have won the enthusiasm of the masses or the financial backing of the rich. Also, I regretfully admit that the unworldly fanaticism of our fellow Jews must bear some responsibility for awakening the mistrust of the Arabs. Nor can I summon up any trace of sympathy for the misguided piety that has made a piece of Herod's wall into a national relic, thereby provoking the natives' feelings."

Freud was already aware of the frauds of the Biblical archaeologists. I wonder, with the unveiling of the fraud of psychological pharmaceuticals, if psychoanalysis is due for a renaissance.