Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama defiantly announces his candidacy for the NMWFTJP

Barack Obama has semi-publicly ('off the record', but with a transcript made available by his campaign!) announced (found via here) that he is running as a candidate for the No More Wars For the Jews Party (an announcement made in front of an Jewish audience in Cleveland). Of course, he had to reveal his candidacy in code, as the More Wars For the Jews Party, the party of McCain and Clinton, doesn't officially exist, and thus the No More Wars For the Jews Party can't exist either. For similar reasons, watch for the announcement to be ignored by the mainstream American media.

The code language refers to the Likud (which is itself code for the settler movement policies of the Jewish Billionaires), and the concept, apparently still incomprehensible to many American Jews, is that an American President can support Israel while being opposed to the policies of the Likud Party. In case the audience didn't get the message, he also noted that he is sick and tired of all the 'guilt by association' nonsense requiring absolute Likudnik doctrinal purity from everybody who endorses him, tied Jewish opposition to his pastor to Jewish opposition to his pastor's anti-apartheid efforts against South Africa (!!!) and, to add insult to injury, talked of backing off on the war cries against Iran and offering them 'carrots'. This represents a key moment in the history of American politics, an emancipation proclamation for American foreign policy. It would probably be a really good time for somebody to tell the Secret Service to stop allowing clear shots at Obama's head (I'm not joking, unless you want to see an American version of Count Bernadotte).

I think we can safely take Obama at his word, as the political sensitivities of dealing with an area that he might just have easily have ignored - like every other American political candidate for decades - means that he is treating this area as a key to his future political success. He and his team have shown a keen understanding of the American Zeitgeist, and Americans are clearly fed up with fighting Wars For the Jews. Of course, he may be lying, but this particular lie indicates what kind of President Americans really want (if only they were given a choice to vote for who they really want).

If you can believe the chutzpah, this declaration of emancipation of American politics from Israeli (i. e., Jewish Billionaire) control is being treated in the Israeli press as American meddling in Israeli politics, the logic being that since Bibi is going to be the next leader of Israel, an announcement by an American Presidential candidate that he won't see eye to eye with Bibi is akin to telling Israelis who to vote for!