Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The twisted world in which we live

From Ha’aretz (emphasis in red and green):

Anyone who doesn't more or less share Marty Peretz's views on Israel or U.S. politics has little hope of getting a job at The New Republic, the editor-in-chief of the prestigious U.S. journal told Haaretz while in Israel last month.

Those views, in short, hold that 60 years after Israel's independence, the world is once more ‘in need of a mandate for Palestine,’ the journalist and retired Harvard University lecturer said in his suite in the Tel Aviv Hilton.

The Palestinians, he says, need to be governed by foreign powers for the time being, because they ‘do not have yet the attributes to allow them to live peacefully alongside Israel without threatening its civilian population.’”

In a couple paragraphs, thrown off with no thought at all, confirmation of the essential fact of the Jew-controlled press, and a rather ugly example of Jewish racial – and racist – supremacism.  Yet if I point out the same things I’m an ‘anti-Semite’.  It is truly a twisted world we live in, where bombing civilians from the air, or keeping people in cages while cutting off food and energy, is perfectly fine, not even worth noticing, but complaining about it is called bigotry  More:

“Reports about the ‘horrors of Israeli occupation,’ Peretz adds, don't particularly impress him. ‘I'm not under the impression that Israeli occupation is kind and sweet. No occupation is kind or sweet. But bad things happen everywhere, all the time,’ he says dryly.”

Have you noticed that racial supremacists often have a problem with judging how they are seen?  When the Israelis showed Condi Rice the checkpoints and the oppression, they thought they were showing her how nice they were being to the sub-human Palestinians (who didn’t deserve it).  Condi saw the Deep South before the Civil Rights Movement.  The South Africans during Apartheid often made exactly the same mistake (as did Southern Whites in the 1950s and 1960’s, and, if Katrina is any indication, now).  Their racist supremacist attitudes make it impossible for them to understand what they are doing, or how their actions will be perceived.