Saturday, March 01, 2008

I've been lazy in compiling links recently:

  1. In what must be a coincidence, both Gordon Brown and Sarko simultaneously advocated teaching their respective schoolchildren about the Holocaust, Sarko by linking each French child to a Holocaust victim, and Brown by (temporarily) shipping them to Polish concentration camps. David Irving wisely suggested that it would make more sense to link French schoolchildren to the current child victims in Gaza, and Gilad Atzmon points out that the British schoolchildren should be sent to the concentration camp in Gaza. Sarko, perhaps realizing the obviousness of the Gaza alternative, has dropped his plan.

  2. Yonatan Mendel on the problems of language in Israeli journalism. The joke is that however bad the Israelis are, the disgusting American media is a billion times worse.

  3. Marc Zell (of all people!) understands that despite all the usual and expected slavish rhetoric from Obama, he is not to be trusted to keep fighting More Wars For The Jews. It is funny that only the hardest of the hard core nuts want to talk about this: those Americans - the vast majority, who usually haven't anybody to vote for - who don't want More Wars For The Jews are afraid to raise the point, for fear Obama will be forced by World Jewry into taking a More Wars For The Jews position, and the neocons don't want to raise the issue as they don't want to create the suggestion that it is even conceivable for the United States to stop fighting Wars For The Jews.

  4. Remember this? It is now up to three trillion, and counting. It is odd how wars of choice seem to take so much more out of you than wars of necessity (assuming there are such things).

  5. The Danes, who really must have some emotional problems, have been reprinting the infamous cartoons (my emphasis; see also here):

    "The decision to re-print came just one day after three men, two Tunisians and a Danish national, were arrested for an alleged plot to kill one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard. At least 15 papers across Denmark reprinted images of the cartoons, in what can only be described as a calculated provocation. Despite having no evidence regarding the guilt of the three detained, since the security service claimed it moved on suspicion and did not have enough grounds to charge the men, the Danish media raced to be first to print the cartoons, supposedly to underline their defence of 'free speech.'"


    "Recent events confirm the fraudulent character of the Danish establishment’s claim to be defending democratic rights. The fact that those arrested for the supposed plot were not charged and that the two Tunisian nationals will be expelled from Denmark without any legal proceedings whatsoever did not raise any concerns.

    Little has been said in the media about the three accused of the murder plot and their right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and to a fair trial. The two Tunisians, although they have been living in Denmark for more than seven years, are to be deported under reactionary legislation which provides for anyone deemed to be a 'national security threat' to be expelled from Denmark."

    There is a similar provocation program in the Netherlands (although the Dutch are at least trying to be more careful).

  6. One in a hundred adult Americans are currently in jail.

  7. I find it hilarious that every single major American newspaper that reviewed the Walt/Mearsheimer book had it reviewed by a Jewish-American Zionist writer who gave it a very negative or partly negative review (most were in fact over-the-top slurring, practically describing it as hate speech), and I get criticized by referring to the 'Jew-controlled' press. Just a coincidence that would only be noticed by an anti-Semite. My psychic revenge will be watching the United States destroy itself by failing to recognize its big problem. The destruction is well on its way.

  8. Counterpunch continues its pathetic campaign of attempting to explain the abject failure of the traditional left (as exemplified by editor Cockburn) by blaming it on 'conspiracy theory'. We know that the real reason for the failure of the anti-war movement is the conscious decision by its leaders to abuse it for the partisan political purpose of getting Democrats elected. The worst thing that could happen for the Democrats is for Bush to authorize an end to the American presence in Iraq before the next election. The anti-war movement is a failure because it is really a pro-war movement.

  9. Hell thaws: David Duke rethinks his semi-endorsement of Obama.

  10. Josh Marshall wonders if the governing Canadian Conservative Party can possibly be as corrupt as it appears to be. Yes it can, with the facts now confirmed by three people and the Conservatives outright lying about it. In fact, this is part of a series of electoral shenanigans, including meddling in the Ottawa municipal election and an ongoing dispute with Elections Canada over election funding which appears to have resulted in the surprise resignation of the Chief Electoral Officer. The Conservatives, who try to portray themselves as the clean alternative to the corrupt Liberals, have an additional problem in their ongoing attempts to covertly help their friend Brian Mulroney as his old corruption problems continue to grind through Canadian politics.

  11. "An open letter to Ehud Olmert"