Sunday, April 13, 2008

Elegant in its ass-backwardness

Rick Salutin on Canadian Minister of Defence Peter MacKay, who appears to be auditioning to become an American cabinet member by demonstrating his ability to live in fantasy-land:
"And instead of Lester Pearson or Joe Clark, we have the challenged mind of Peter MacKay. This week, he told the CBC's Peter Mansbridge that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, but we were invited in. This is practically elegant in its ass-backwardness. The Soviets were originally invited in, with the usual verbal convolutions. But 'we' simply invaded, overthrew a government and installed our own, which then 'invited' us in. The least he can do is get his story straight, in the sense of intelligently dishonest."

The rest of the column is about Canada's step down from being a partial voice of reason to being a pathetic conjoined twin on the side of the empty American head. It is amusing that this loss of influence under the current Conservative government is as a direct result of following the recommendations of right-wingers who complained about Canada losing pull in foreign affairs in the wake of its refusal to go along with the disastrous American attack on Iraq. Of course, what they really meant was that Canada wasn't leaping high enough when Washington said 'jump'. They are also fond of following orders and spending money on bullets rather than wasting it on social programs.

Of Canadian peace sites, this, this, this and this are good, but be careful of this phony one, which supports the murderous 'Responsibility to Protect' doctrine (i.e., war with the best of intentions).