Monday, April 14, 2008

Immoral attitudes die hard

From an article in the Toronto Star by Stuart Laidlaw on the new Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, the moral alternative to the Canadian Jewish Congress:
"Diana Ralph grew up in a progressive Jewish family in postwar America. Her father's work as a lawyer at the Nuremberg war crime trials, when she was still an infant, cemented his support for the state of Israel.

But when his daughter, as a young woman, questioned Israeli policies after the Six Day War in 1967, she saw a side of her father she hadn't witnessed before.

'My dad, who was always very kind, very understanding, said, `If you ever say anything against the state of Israel again, I will disown you,'' Ralph remembers. 'Whoa.'"

"Ralph says the alliance is needed to open up debate in her community. 'When you try to ask about two subjects, there's no room for discussion. One is circumcision and the other is support for Israel.'"

Dick cutting and stealing land and water. What is a person supposed to do when faced with the extremes of immoral irrationality, particularly when it is based in the subconscious politics of one group? If you point it out, and point out that the irrationality is common amongst the group, and is the direct cause of the brutalization of another group, you are called a bigot. Best to keep your mouth shut, and let the victims of the irrationality suffer.