Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pumping for Hil'

Mark Crispin Miller on the fraud-fest known as an American election:
"As far as the Democratic primaries are concerned, there’s been a marked discrepancy between the unadjusted exit poll results and the official vote-counts in most of the big-state races, which have seen Hillary consistently do better than the exit polls predicted by some 7 percentage points. And there also was the weird outcome in the New Hampshire primary, in which she won where they counted ballots by machine by a little over 4 points, while Obama won where they counted ballots manually by over 6 points. Although the pundits trotted out all sorts of theories to account for the discrepancy, none of them hold up under close scrutiny."
The Republicans have determined it will be easier to steal the election from Hillary, and have set their controlled voting machines accordingly.

Oh, and the head of the Jewish cabal that runs her campaign for the More Wars For The Jews Party, the guy that Hillary supposedly fired, at least according to the headlines? Not really.