Tuesday, April 22, 2008

War on Charity

Another article on the War on Charity, part of Bibi Netanyahu's 'War on Terror'. The logic of government prosecutions, such as it is:
  1. American charity sends money to Palestine to keep Palestinian children from starving (due to the complete mockery by Israel of its obligations as an occupying power);
  2. The government of Palestine is Hamas;
  3. Hamas thus 'controls' the charities that operate in Palestine;
  4. Hamas is a terrorist group;
  5. Therefore, the American charity is supporting terrorism.
It's a shockingly bad argument, and the courts don't buy it either, which is why the American government prosecutors lose. The fact that losing doesn't stop them from the continued harassment just proves the bad faith behind the prosecutions. The point of the exercise is to brutalize Palestinians. I really don't know how the prosecutors sleep at night.