Friday, May 30, 2008

Beth Dozoretz and Hillary Clinton

Jeffrey St. Clair provides the sausage-making details on the Clintons and the Marc Rich pardon (dealt with here). Rich, of course, is one of the largest funders of the extreme right-wing think tanks that provide the intellectual fuel for blood-dripping-from-the-fangs Ziofascism. The key player in the operation appears to be Beth Dozoretz. Denise Rich was friends with her (and a really good friend of Hillary). Time claims that it was Dozoretz who brought Denise into the picture (unlikely, as this appears to have been a two-pronged operation from the beginning, with both Dozoretz and Denise Rich having personal and financial connections to both Clintons). Dozoretz was key because she had become the main 'bundler' of Jewish money to the Democrats after she rose to prominence after marrying a very rich Jewish land developer. Dororetz is seriously connected to the Clintons (both a 'Friend of Bill' and a 'Hillraiser'; Bill Clinton is her daughter's godfather), and is still one of the main conduits of Jewish Billionaire money to Clinton's campaign for the nomination, confirming my theory that the roots of Hillary Clinton's current political campaign, not to mention the roots of her lack of success, go back to the pardon of Marc Rich, and the dirty deals that were done for the Jewish Billionaires to obtain a very unlikely pardon of a very, very bad man.