Thursday, May 22, 2008

Campaign analysis, continued

Careful - careful enough to appear in The New Republic! - analysis of the problems with Hillary's campaign, using code words to explain that she lost because she refused to blunt the fact that she was running for the More Wars For The Jews Party. I think it is interesting that her campaign went sideways due to the fact that her handpicked - by the Jewish Billionaires who funded her - braintrust was emotionally and intellectually incapable of comprehending that Obama was winning largely because Americans wanted to have the opportunity to vote for a candidate from the No More Wars For The Jews Party (the code words are 'change', 'diplomacy', 'youth', etc). In fact, Clinton's Jewish braintrust was so clueless about the main issue of the campaign that they actually assumed that her inevitable win meant they could piggyback support for the More Wars For The Jews Party by having Clinton emphasize her adherence to the policies of that party, with her 'bomb, bomb Iran' vote being the icing on the Zionist cake. After she won, the spin would be that Americans really did support the concept of More Wars For The Jews. Obama's ace in the hole, and the reason why early polls show he has an excellent chance against McCain despite the race issue, is that he is running as the only possible candidate for the No More Wars For The Jews Party. The two-fer is that Americans can simultaneously throw off a large part of the shackles of two forms of racism at the same time, with the overcoming of anti-black racism coming as a result of the abhorrence of the effects on the future of the United States of the racism called Zionism.

For the same reason, Clinton would be the worst possible VP choice for Obama, as she would remove his huge competitive advantage by confusing the fact that he is running as a candidate for the No More Wars For The Jews Party. I know some people will not like this analysis, but if you ignore the main issue in the campaign you will end up in the same position as Clinton's political handlers, permanently discredited. Choosing Clinton would mean a win for McCain, and this one chance for the United States not to be completely fucked would be lost forever.