Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lite-Zionism hits the mainstream

Ultra-Zionist wolf Jeffrey Goldberg, the kind of guy whose porno collection might very well consist of videos of IDF soldiers shooting Palestinian children in the face, temporarily dons the sheep's clothing of light-Zionism in order to ScareJew the Jewish Billionaires who are attacking Olmert by suddenly remembering cash payments they may have made to him a few years ago, memories suspiciously fueled by a fear in the settler movement that Olmert may be planning a deal with the Palestinians. By putting the existence of the settlements in play, Goldberg directly threatens the trophies of the Jewish Billionaires, and reflects the fear of World Jewry that the arrogance of a few of the Jewish Billionaires may threaten the 'special relationship' of the United States and Israel by removing Olmert at the very time that he is the only one capable of meeting Bush's demand of an agreement with the Palestinians prior to Bush leaving office. The fear is that Bush, and thus the United States, will be deeply embarrassed if there is no deal by next January. World Jewry doesn't actually fear the deal, as the concept of the 'shelf agreement' - have you noticed that all intellectual concepts from the United States are now, in some deep way, phony? - is the essence of a non-agreement agreement, but fears that the clumsy and obvious machinations of the Jewish Billionaires will have long-term effects on the friendliness of the United States towards Israel.

It is funny how the combination of Mearsheimer/Walt and Obama has caused a crisis in Zionism, requiring a temporary and tactical apparent retreat from its essential expansionism, at least until things can proceed as normal under President McCain or, after an RFK-style assassination, President Clinton. Goldberg even has to make the admission that the Lobby has massive power in the United States, an admission that was inconceivable until recently (maybe he will be good enough to tell Noam). One of the problems of the deceit of lite-Zionism is how easily it can be borrowed by the vilest of Zionists for their own evil purposes.