Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Neocon Holocaust Revisionism

The neocons have spent the last months licking their wounds, and are now ready to retake their rightful place running American foreign and military policy solely for the interests of the Israeli Settler Movement, either under President McCain, or, however unlikely, President Clinton. The time has come to lie about the Wars For The Jews, in order to prep the way for more Wars For The Jews. There are three main neocon lies about the Judeo-American Holocaust on the people of Iraq and other peoples of the Middle East:
  1. The bad intelligence about Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction is entirely the fault of the CIA (and even better, that the faulty American intelligence gathering means that current American intelligence concerning Iran is to be ignored in favor of more Israeli-neocon lies);
  2. The conduct of the occupation of Iraq has been a total failure only because the American Establishment failed to follow the wonderful advice of the neocons; and
  3. The Pentagon signed on to the complete program of Wars For The Jews, only the first part of which was the Judeo-American Holocaust on the people of Iraq.

The first lie is so preposterous I hardly need deal with it, other than to point out the leaning on the CIA by Dick Cheney until the CIA came out with the required results, with all the qualifications swept under the rug by the neocons. Jim Lobe neatly deals with the second lie.

Unfortunately, and again demonstrating the dangers of the silliness which I like to call 'Iran talk' (btw, Iran is now in less danger of attack from the United States than it has been during the entire Bush Administration, and a big collateral advantage of the 'Iran talk' is that it has forced Iran closer to Russia, China, and India), Gareth Porter swallows the third lie hook, line and sinker, thus helping Feith spin his propaganda message. Obviously, the neocons want to continue their program of Wars For The Jews, and want it to appear that the Pentagon is completely in agreement with the campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Pentagon is in the business of fighting wars, and was enthusiastic about the attack on Iraq, but has shown no appetite for more wars unless and until the United States stabilizes its occupation of Iraq. Senior American military officials are worried about permanent long-term damage to the American military unless something is done to provide some respite from the constant, and hopeless, war effort.

Note how Porter carries the water for Feith. Wolfowitz wrote a program of Wars For The Jews, extending to just about every potential dead Muslim in the Middle East, for Rumsfeld. Read Porter carefully. The only connection to the Pentagon generals Shelton, Meyers and Abizaid is through the say-so of Feith. You may remember the recent story of how Feith tricked Meyers into thinking Feith was supporting the Geneva Conventions, when he was actually completely undermining them, to the great peril of American soldiers from now until the end of time (of course Feith doesn't care about the plight of soldiers of a foreign country, his loyalty extending only to his own country of Israel). There is no evidence, other than from Feith, that the Pentagon ever agreed to the full program of Wars For The Jews, and the idea that it would is both preposterous on the face of it, and contradicted by the statements of senior Pentagon officials. Unfortunately, the 'Iran talkers' like Feith's lies, and so work to spread them. Porter should be ashamed of himself.