Friday, May 09, 2008


Obama built up his insurmountable lead over Clinton because he was the only candidate for the No More Wars For The Jews Party. Clinton had been able to build a tiny bit of momentum after Pennsylvania. Why then did she court disaster by reminding the voters of North Carolina and Indiana that she was the candidate for the More Wars For The Jews Party by raising the issue of the obliteration of Iran? Suddenly, Americans were reminded of why Obama built up his big lead. Obama jumped on her mistake, and pointed out that diplomacy is always better than nuclear obliteration (this is a key change in American policy, recognized even by the American intelligentsia, but one completely unacceptable to the Jewish Billionaires, who realize that diplomacy means that Israel would have to negotiate away the territory it illegally has stolen, and intends to steal). Americans don't want to fight More Wars For The Jews, and Americans who wouldn't vote for a black man voted for Obama because they correctly saw him as the only escape from the utter ruination of their country under the weight of More, and More, and More, and More Wars For The Jews. The only plausible reason why Clinton blundered so badly is that the Jewish Billionaires who own her told her to. 'Obliterate' comes directly from her Jewish braintrust.

The Jewish Billionaires are really starting to throw their weight around by promising to obliterate the Democratic party if they don't get their More Wars For The Jews candidate:
"In a heated phone call with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi late last month, Hillary Clinton supporter Harvey Weinstein threatened to cut off campaign money to congressional Democrats unless Pelosi embraced a new plan by the movie mogul to finance a revote of the Democratic presidential primaries in Florida and Michigan, according to three officials who were briefed on the contents of the conversation."

"Hillary Clinton’s campaign aides admitted Thursday they were consulted by their big donors before the group sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi containing a veiled threat that she would risk their financial support unless she reversed her view that superdelegates should follow the will of voters."

The Clinton's have 'lent' their campaign millions. This is serious money from them, but petty cash for the Jewish Billionaires (about what they spend in a week on bullets so the IDF can shoot Palestinian children in the face), who no doubt will quietly write a check if Hillary continues to spout More Wars For The Jews propaganda. They really do own her. Americans know it, which is why a black man really does have a chance to be President.