Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rocketmen redux

From Franklin Lamb:
"This week Israel's Military Intelligence Chief, Major General Amos Yadlin complained to the Israeli daily Haaretz that 'Hezbollah proved that it was the strongest power in Lebanon... stronger than the Lebanese and it had wanted to take the government it could have done it,' He said Hezbollah, continued to pose a 'significant' threat to Israel as its rockets could reach a large part of Israeli territory.'

Yadlin was putting it mildly.

But what Intelligence Chief Yadlin did not reveal to the Israeli public was just how 'significant' but also 'immediate' the Hezbollah threat was on May 11. Nor was he willing to divulge the fact that he received information via US and French channels that if the planned attack on Lebanon's capitol went forward that Tel Aviv was subject, in the view of the US intelligence community to 'approximately 600 Hezbollah rockets in the first 24 hours in retaliation and at least that number on the following day'.

The Israeli Intel Chief also declined to reveal that despite Israel's recent psyche-war camping about various claimed missile shields 'the State of Israel is perfecting', that this claim is being ridiculed at the Pentagon. 'Israel will not achieve an effective shield against the current generation of rockets, even assuming no technological improvements in the current rockets aimed at it, for another 20 years. And that assumes the US will continue to fund their research and development for the hoped for shields' according to Pentagon, US Senate Intelligence Committee, and very well informed Lebanese sources."

Rockets remain the key. It appears that the secret gifts that Bush brought to Israel are supposed to be part of a missile defense shield, although we also know that Israel has already wisely rejected American technology in this area. Americans have spent hundreds of billions of dollars definitively proving they are incapable of shooting down an intercontinental rocket they have hours to prepare for, even when the rockets contain American homing devices, so the concept of American technology stopping rockets fired from next door is a joke. In other words the secrecy of the gifts is part of the trick being played by the IDF/Settler Movement (same thing) on the people of Israel, the idea that a new illegal war against a neighbor is still possible because Israel has some miraculous missile defense shield up its sleeve.

I doubt the rest of Lamb's thesis - that there was a propaganda attack planned on Beirut to coincide with Bush's visit - as the timing is all wrong, nobody paying attention would count on Hezbollah losing the confrontation with the silly Lebanese government, and it is senseless to run the risk of making Israel an unsafe place for Bush to visit at the time he had to visit. On the other hand, the neocons have proven themselves to be at least as incompetent as treasonous (Abrams last brilliant Lebanese plan has resulted in Hezbollah being proven to be the only real power in Lebanon, destroyed the credibility of the old government, sided the Lebanese military against the old government, and broken the political logjam in Lebanon, a simply amazing demonstration of neocon befuddlement), so anything is possible.