Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wars for the Jews?

I receive an enormous amount of criticism for my use of the phrases 'wars for the Jews' and 'Jew-controlled media'. Most of it is malicious, either covert Zionists reacting to the truth, or 'progressives' trying to prove their own purity by slurring others. Ironically, the worst offenders are those who are really anti-Semites themselves, or at least those who would be so described by Zionists. Who are you trying to kid?

I also receive well-meaning criticism. This takes a number of forms. Some people genuinely believe that these terms are wrong, or at least misleading. Some feel that this frankness is a tactical error, causing a reaction in the wider community which will not lead to peace. Others feel that truth-telling leads to an unnecessary ostracism in the 'mainstream' community, and that this blog would have a wider reach if I could just learn to live with lying a little! Perhaps the most telling, and saddest, aspect of this issue is that the only real discussion of these problems in the entire internet takes place in the comments section to this blog. Otherwise, you have to fight through the competing fogs of the bullshit of the neo-Nazis and the bullshit of the slurring 'progressives' trying to prove something to themselves.

This takes us to a consideration of what blogging is really all about, and the necessity to tell the truth above all. There hasn't been anything like blogging since people nailed anonymous political screeds to the doors of churches. In the modern era, we lost the ability to tell each other the truth until blogging came along (which is why the Zionists, amongst others, are hell bent on censoring the internet). The catch is that you have to be scrupulous in telling the truth, no matter how unpopular. I have a very elitist attitude towards the truth. Only a small number of people are going to get it. Trying to lie to appeal to a wider audience will not only fail, it will be counterproductive. If I want to read lies, I read the mainstream press, or the mainstream blogs. I'm a lowly meme producer, influencing the world, in my tiny way, by striking the sparks of truth. The fire comes much later.

The truth, which is very simple, very obvious, and yet so very hard to accept, is that the diaspora Jewish communities in the English-speaking world, even the most assimilated members of those communities, hold a consistently irrational attitude towards the idea of Jewishness, and the institution of the State of Israel, and the concept of Greater Israel, in representing and protecting Jewishness. Although nothing could be more obvious, this simple truth appears to be impossible to accept for many people, even though it forms the basis of the current problems in the Middle East. The problem extends far beyond the advocates of the Settler Movement, the Zionists, or the neocons, which is why I continue to insist on the importance of telling the truth in using the terms 'wars for the Jews' and 'Jew-controlled media'.

I still have an obligation to explain myself. This is the first of two parts, the second of which will be called 'A Psycho-Sexual History of the Wars for the Jews'.