Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008:
  1. Kosher meth: what's Amy Winehouse going to do for her supply now?
  2. Leonid Rozhetskin: still dead.
  3. Be very careful of this famous report in the New York Times (naturally) on how the Pentagon was financially and logistically behind the so-called 'objective' analysts on the Iraq war who pontificated in the mainstream media (see also here and here). It shouldn't be a surprise that the Pentagon has its own pro-war propaganda department. The NYT studiously avoids discussing the most important advocates of the war and its conduct, the neocons, paid for out of think tanks financed by the Jewish Billionaires. The Times is part of the neocon campaign to whitewash the fact that the attack on Iraq was, fundamentally, a War For The Jews. The whitewash is intended to clean up the reputation of the neocons by shifting the entire blame for the war onto the Pentagon. The neocons will then be free to begin a new campaign of advocacy and lying to lead to More Wars For The Jews under President McCain.
  4. A very rare instance, using coded wording, of the real reason why Obama beat Clinton. It will be interesting to see if American racists who would never vote for a black man will vote for Obama in order to avoid the stark horror of being forced to fight More Wars For The Jews. It is an amazing election: if American racists can do the right thing, which would have a long-term massive effect on racial attitudes in the United States (not to mention elsewhere), they could avoid the disaster of More Wars For The Jews. Otherwise, the United States is completely fucked.
  5. Israel's 60th has turned into a PR disaster, with the plight of the Palestinians, for the first time ever, making it into the mainstream media. Rick Salutin reflects on the mythical nature of the ScareJew (my emphasis in red):
    "Something that struck me was the fairly narrow notion of Jewish experience outside Israel, in the Diaspora, that was implied. A Toronto prof. quoted in The Post, said: 'Everything they do to us ... strengthens our deep-seated perception that fuels our identity of being a persecuted people.' This rings true to me not as how things are, but as how many Canadian Jews see them. I have friends and relations, often wealthy and accomplished people, who feel anti-Semitism is always imminent, though they've rarely or never experienced it. It shapes their attitude toward Israel as the only refuge for Jews, and makes them less willing to hear criticisms of it than most Israelis are. It seems to me irrational and I wish I understood it better.

    When we were kids in the 1950s, we studied a book called Sufferance is the Badge, based on Shylock's line, 'Sufferance is the badge of all our tribe.' It interpreted Jewish history as a tale of torment. But that was in the shadow of the Holocaust. When I was married in my 20s, my mother-in-law did a painting in her art class that showed religious Jews clutching Torah scrolls as they fled. Their beards and prayer shawls streamed behind. My father-in-law, a manufacturer, called it caustically, The Jews Running. I think he meant it was sentimentalized and overstated, and he wasn't buying that version of our past, at least not outright.

    All this resonated in the aftermath of Hitler, and was helpful in raising support for the fragile state of Israel. But, at bottom and for understandable reasons, it distorted two millennia of Jewish history that were rich and complex. Almost all Jewish literary and intellectual accomplishment occurred in the Diaspora. There were golden ages of relative integration, along with expulsions and pogroms. That's a big chunk of time. Crisis comes and goes in all collective and individual lives. Jews prayed for a return to Zion, but only in the messianic future that God alone would bring about. Anyone who tried to 'force the end,' was considered a heretic. They didn't just make do in the Diaspora; they settled in and often thrived.

    It seems to me that a more nuanced, positive view of the Diaspora might open many Jews to a different relationship to Israel, in which they felt freer to offer criticism. It would also correspond better to their real lives. And it would fit the increasingly diasporic nature of a globalized world."

    When I get around to finishing my 'A psycho-sexual history . . . ' I'll have an entirely new spin on the mythology of the ScareJew. Good as Salutin is, he is still pushing the standard mythology.
  6. The Americans - no doubt through Abrams, blood dripping from his enormous fangs, glistening in the moonlight - tired to pull another trick in Lebanon, having their stooge government pick a fight with Hezbollah in an attempt to dismantle the communications system that allowed Hezbollah to so easily beat Israel in the shitty little county's last illegal attack on the people of Lebanon. Once the communications system was gone, the shitty little country would no doubt try again. The people of Lebanon are no doubt wondering why their own government would be behind an attempt to dismantle the communications network that prevented half their country from being taken by Israel. Hezbollah immediately put on a demonstration of strength so compelling that even the Lebanese army was impressed, to the extent that it is attempting to broker a peace between the powerless central government and Hezbollah. Another embarrassing defeat for the Americans, oddly paralleling a similar defeat in Iraq, where the Americans have for the second time been bailed out by Iran from a hopeless attempt at sicking its stooge Iraqi government on the Shi'ite militias in Baghdad. Neocons notwithstanding, the Americans and Iranians are headed to a de facto power sharing arrangement in both Lebanon and Iraq (although portraying Hezbollah as merely being a stooge of Iran is unfair to Hezbollah). The Iranian-American liaison has become so obvious that it has become a political issue in Iran! Real American interests are to cooperate with Iran; More Wars For The Jews Party interests are the opposite. It is a stark contrast.