Friday, June 06, 2008

Getting close

Getting close. Voting for an aggressive war that is completely against the interests of your own country, solely at the instance of a tiny but powerful - not to mention insanely supremacist - interest group, would doom any party, as the Republicans are in the process of finding out.

It is a funny world when an obviously violent and supremacist group like AIPAC can hold a meeting every year and every single serious American politician falls over himself trying to admit to the greatest of all intentions to commit the worst possible war crimes on behalf of this group, even when such war crimes are clearly against the interests of the country he purports to represent, and anyone who cares to note the oddness of this fact is marginalized by being slurred. Of course, if a group is so powerful that it can push the world's most powerful country around like a feather, it would also be powerful enough to control the very basis of political discourse. In fact, you should probably be able to work backwards from extreme discontinuities in the way we talk about politics to the greatest of all conspiracies.