Friday, June 13, 2008

'Iran talk' spinners

George Bush went to Europe with instructions to be nice and diplomatic, and avoid the belligerent 'Iran talk' that is fueling the recent spike in oil prices. He did exactly as he was instructed, and sounded more diplomatic than Obama. What's the headline in the Chicago Tribune? "President revives tough talk on Iran". If you read the article beyond the headline and the first paragraph - the words that will show up if you do an internet search - you will get an exact opposite impression of what happened than what really happened, which is reflected in most of the rest of the article. Who owns the Chicago Tribune? A 'one-issue guy' named Sam Zell.

Con Coughlin, who reported on the illegal and immoral Israeli attack on Lebanon as if the innocent civilians of Lebanon were dropping cluster bombs on themselves, manages to spin things exactly the opposite way, as if George Bush were the last great American diplomat, and all hell is going to break loose against Iran as soon as this paragon of peacemaking leaves office.