Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Jew-controlled media

Philip Weiss, after casting the ritual spell by invoking the name of the anti-Semites, steps into the big issue of the controlled spin on the Middle East, what I like to call, in the interests of telling the truth, the 'Jew-controlled media'. Just as the Zionists have never fought a war before ensuring that they greatly over-matched their opponents (victims) in terms of firepower, the Zionists have never fought a propaganda war without ensuring that they controlled all sides of the 'debate' (of course, the lite Zionism of Weiss is just another part of this campaign, making it appear that Nakba-osis is causing ethical Jews to question the deep consequences of what the Jews are up to, and thus again dominating both sides of the phony discussion while making Zionism appear less insane). The major message-controllers in the mainstream media on issues concerning the Middle East are all Jewish (and that is not a coincidence), although most are so assimilated that they would never be identified as such (perhaps they should have to wear yellow stars on their lapels on TV to make it easier for us).

The real mystery, one I have yet to post on, is why. Why are Jewish Americans, no matter how assimilated, so implicitly Zionist, even when not realizing the problem, and even when they expressly reject Zionism? In fact, the paradox appears to be that in many cases, the more assimilated the journalist, the more biased he or she is in favor of what amounts to ultra-Zionism. How can that be? Of course the main guys, the Wolf Blitzers of the world, aren't in their positions of power by accident. But what about the other Zionists-in-effect all through the world of American journalism? What about all the producers and editors who told the members of the mainstream media to cover up the lies of the Bush Administration to allow for a desired War For The Jews against the people of Iraq? How do we explain this? In fact, the irrationality of American Jewish behavior plays a large part in the cover for their deceptions. People can't believe that seemingly rational people can act so hatefully, and thus anyone who points out this obvious fact is branded as a hater, an 'anti-Semite'.

The most telling evidence that something is amiss is the ridiculously one-sided approach of the mainstream media towards Israel. This is supposed to be invisible to Americans, but is stunningly obvious to every other person in the world. Chomsky has created the most complicated and unlikely conspiracy theory ever devised to attempt to explain it, but his failure, which has destroyed his credibility and ruined the rest of his life's work on politics, leaves us with only one other possible explanation. The Jews, many or most of them not Zionists, have spun the United States into a terrible mess.