Monday, June 09, 2008

One way to tell if you're in Conspiracyland

One way to tell if you're in Conspiracyland is if the 'experts' all pronounce themselves incapable of comprehending an issue that should be simple to figure out. Like the recent rise in the price of oil. We know that much of the rise was simply due to the complete collapse of the American dollar, largely caused by the American government's borrowing of money to pay for the Wars For The Jews (to be fair, complete inattention to the American economy by the Bush Administration would have eventually led to similar problems, if not so fast and not so severe). Since oil is largely priced in American dollars, the price of oil went up.

The collapse of the American dollar doesn't explain the most recent price spiking. Some 'experts' attribute this to a shortage of oil, which is nonsense (have you heard of anyone not being able to get oil?). Some blame it on mysterious hedge fund speculation, which, if true, would only explain very short-term rises. Of course, the main reason for recent oil price shocks is the effects of the Wars For The Jews, both the instability caused by the American occupation of Iraq (not to mention the massive amount of fuel being consumed there, bought at ultra-premium prices), and the instability caused by what I like to call 'Iran talk' (this story in the Asia Times, immediately shot down as outright lies, is the most egregious recent example of it, and is in itself enough to remove the Asia Times permanently from any list of credible sources). The effects of 'Iran talk' on the price of oil have become so obvious that the most recent idle Israeli speculation on an attack had to be shot down by Olmert himself, no doubt on direct and severe orders from the White House. If Americans ever figure out that they can thank World Jewry (with a special shout out to Daniel Pipes) for the cost of filling up their SUV's, there will be hell to pay. Oh, and by the way, can we please stop giving any credibility at all to any more 'Iran talk', at least until President McCain is firmly in office?