Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Suicide or thwarted false-flag assassination attempt?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Jewish and supposedly a friend to Zionism, went to the Knesset and told Israel that it had to return part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, accept that Jerusalem would be the capital of two states, stop all settlement activity, lift all the checkpoints in the West Bank, and end the blockade of Gaza. Has any foreign politician ever said anything so radical in the Knesset? He met with the Palestinians, and said that the "creation of a viable, democratic, modern state for the Palestinians" is a "priority" for France ('viable' is a dangerous code-word). Can you imagine how furious the Zionists and the Jewish Billionaires must have been? So they decided to teach him a lesson by blowing his head clean off, the same lesson they are planning for Obama.

There are Realist Zionists in Israel who have come to accept that the current Zionist plans are ruinous for the State of Israel. Zionist plans will inevitably lead to an apartheid state with an Arab majority, and eventually the world will use sanctions to require one person-one vote, thus leading to the end of a Jewish ethnic state. Realist Zionists are totally different than lite Zionists, who are Americans who pretend to want to see a Palestinian state. This is just a tactic on the road to the eventual total ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and the beginnings of the road to Greater Israel across the Middle East. Realist Zionists - and Olmert may be one - really have given up the dream of Greater Israel, accepting that there is no way to obtain it without destroying what the Israeli Jews already have.

The Realists appear to have thwarted an assassination attempt on Sarkozy, an attempt which, if successful, would have been blamed on some Palestinian patsy. The cover story took a while to concoct, with the authorities eventually settling on the ludicrous idea that a guard decided to kill himself with a rifle in the middle of his guard duties connected with the grand departure of Sarkozy from Israel. He then fell from a roof! This has to be a new high point in the ongoing history of ridiculous cover stories.