Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Toronto Zero

The Toronto Eighteen, reduced to the Toronto Eleven, should now be the Toronto Zero, with the prosecution reduced to cross-examining its own witness in order to challenge his credibility. Since he is not only their chief witness - in fact the only witness they have dealing with the criminal intention of the accused - he is also their chief agent provocateur, and is therefore more than a witness, he is their entire case. The prosecution is admitting he can't be trusted. How can any court find these defendants, or the later group of adult defendants who have yet to be tried on the same basic evidence, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

The prosecution really has only one honorable out: drop the whole case for lack of evidence. This kind of embarrassment would have come out at the preliminary hearing the prosecution should have had, but decided to skip as part of the propaganda message being sent by the trial. The prosecutors shamefully got onto Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' bandwagon, and should resign, or be fired, for prosecutorial misconduct if they continue with this shameful ideologically-driven persecution. There is an an additional ethical problem, with the revelation that there is even a third agent provocateur, and the possibility that the prosecution is withholding evidence from the lawyers for the defendants, something which in Canada usually results in a very angry judge throwing the whole case out. This is a political show trial, and a travesty of justice.