Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Assassination politics

Assassination politics:
  1. Tony Blair attempts to visit Gaza, but is informed by Israeli officials of a credible assassination threat against him. It is difficult to conceive of any non-collaborating Palestinian not wanting to have another prominent international witness to the suffering imposed on the Palestinians by the Israelis (the most recent trashing of the infrastructure of normal human life, including schools and orphanages, by the IDF in the West Bank has been compared to Kristallnacht, with the Israeli oppression following the Nazi arc permitted by the same kind of world indifference/ignorance; of course, Gaza is receiving even worse treatment, and the same indifference). The Israelis have learned their lesson from the time they let Condi Rice see the checkpoints. They thought they were being humanitarian to the untermenschen; she saw the Old-South-style segregation and racial oppression. Why do you think the Israelis keep shooting journalists?
  2. McCain accidentally on purpose let slip that Obama was going to be in the Middle East, and when, a big U. S. security protocol no-no, and hardly a mistake. Should McCain get lucky and a Mossad bomb should happen to go off under Obama, the Republicans can blame it on al Qaeda, or Iran, or both (!), and they are back in business, with a new war on terror to fight and the guy who is going to win over McCain dead.
  3. Do you think that Sarko's big splash of reintroducing Syrian President Assad into the international diplomatic fold - including the highly symbolic move of inviting him to the Bastille Day parade - from which he has been completely excluded by USrael, is revenge for the fact that the Israelis tried to blow his head clean off at the the end of Sarko's visit to Israel? A French President being pals with Assad is particularly striking given Chirac's role in playing up the Hariri assassination and blaming it on Assad.