Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anthrax ambiguities

Everybody knew that the FBI could easily determine the source of the anthrax used in the attack, but the FBI was always coy about the results of its investigations. In order to create a 'lone nut' hypothesis, the FBI needed to put raw anthrax spores in the possession of the nut, and the patsy had these spores as a result of his employment at Fort Detrick. With the collapse of the ridiculous FBI theory that he weaponized the spores by himself in his spare time, we have, for the first time, official U. S. government admission that the anthrax came from Fort Detrick. The necessity of finding a nut with plausible access to anthrax finally required the FBI to end the government-protecting ambiguity with respect to the source. Whether Fort Detrick could weaponize the spores or not, we can be certain that they were weaponized at some U. S. government lab, in an operation requiring considerable expense and a considerable number of man-hours. This was no rogue operation.

The conspirators were very sophisticated, but did a lousy job at pretending to be Islamist terrorists. In fact, that angle was played up by the disgusting American media simply to create the predictable immediate panic (and play into the Islamophobic meme required by Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror', which is itself just an advertising campaign for the Wars For The Jews). Of course, the main point of the exercise was to scare Democratic senators into supporting the Patriot Act (itself not just a law, but an expression of the same Islamophobia). An attack by Islamist terrorists would have little effect in convincing these senators to support the Patriot Act. On the other hand, an attack by weaponized anthrax which could only have come from a U. S. government lab and was directed at specific senators at a time when they were bering sceptical about the Patriot Act carries an unambiguous warning, a warning which was heeded. The lousy job at pretending to be Islamist terrorists was intentional. Americans were supposed to believe it was an Islamist attack; the specific senators were supposed to read the signs and see it as a specific attack from the Bush Administration with a warning of what might happen to them should the Patriot Act not be passed. The kind of people who would mount a lethal biowarfare attack agianst American civilians just to make a political point are not the kind of people you want to cross.