Friday, August 01, 2008

Damage control

False-flag self-hating? There is a rather obvious attempt at damage control orchestrated by World Jewry and fronted by Zionist - not to mention, huge Iraq attack cheerleader - Joe Klein. The fear is that the Iraq/Iran war debacle, which is now directly impinging on the privileged lifestyle of the average American, will end up being blamed on the two-faced American Jewish community, and in particular on its Jewish Billionaire 'leaders'. It is thus time to throw Doug Feith and his fellow war criminal co-conspirators under the bus (". . . a small group of Jewish neoconservatives"), and save the larger group so it may continue to scheme for future war crimes. The idea is to put all the blame on a handful of neocons, making sure to emphasize that the real blame still lies with Gentiles Bush and Cheney, increase the credibility of the charge by having the usual suspects like Foxman throw the slur around, and thus limit the damage to a tiny group of 'dual loyalists'. This campaign is being led by lite Zionists with the help of the Israeli Zionist establishment, but is receiving support from the usual 'anti-war' crowd as well. Note the spin from Levy:
"Were the Jewish neocons in control and did they make the fatal decisions? No. Are all Jews neoconservatives or are all neoconservatives Jews? Please! Are the Jews or Israel to blame for the Bush Middle East debacle? Get outta here.

Something did happen though - there was a failure within the mainstream, Jewish and non-Jewish, to identify the existence of a particular Jewish neoconservative narrative and then to challenge that narrative as being fundamentally flawed in its reading of both American and Israeli interests."

The JStreet survey proves that Americans who self-identify as Jewish - and I note that decent Jewish Americans are tending to assimilate partly to avoid being associated with the deep two-faced immorality of the American Jewish community - are clearly against sharing Jerusalem, which is code for support of all the settler movement eliminationist positions, including, however they may deceive themselves, the Zionist attacks on Iraq and Iran.