Saturday, August 30, 2008

Language is a bitch

Jeffrey Goldberg, a vile ultra-Zionist recently reborn as a pseudo-'lite' for tactical reasons, is angry that Andrew Sullivan was amused by James Wolcott's description of the faults of various possible McCain VP choices, a list which includes calling Eric Cantor an "unregistered Israeli lobbyist". Wolcott is as mainstream an American blogger as there is. Sullivan wouldn't have quoted him unless he found the posting funny. It would not have been funny unless it was true. Of course, the other aspect of it being funny is the shock value: Wolcott broke a taboo by saying what everybody is thinking but nobody can say. Without deigning to name Wolcott, Goldberg calls him a 'Jew-baiter', and scarcastically provides us with a list of dual loyalists.

I have already noted that much of the strength of Zionism comes from its control of language. But language is a bitch. If you try to bend it too much, use it to push too many lies, it rebels, and the language-users get their revenge by pushing back. Wolcott's posting is just the beginning of a trend: the mainstreaming of honest talk about what has been going on in the United States for the past few years. This trend will be reinforced by the fact that we are starting to see a clear reconfiguration of American power alliances (ironically caused by the effects of the over-enthusiam of the dual loyalists). I have no doubt that the slurrers will eventually have their comeuppance, and the series of wars the United States has fought and is being pressed to fight will be known by one and all by their true name, the Wars For The Jews.