Friday, August 22, 2008

A little holiday in their hearts

The Lobby - you know, the one that doesn't exist, or has no power - hasn't changed much over the years. This amazing piece by Alfred M. Lilienthal - from 1953! - describes various Lobby machinations over the years, focusing in particular on the Jewish 'displaced persons' in Europe after the war. Much propaganda value has been obtained by World Jewry at the failure of the West to rescue various groups of Jewish refugees at various times, but heroic efforts by Gentile politicians to rescue the displaced persons by placing them in the U. S., Canada, Britain, etc., or moving fixed numbers of them to Palestine, was resisted by the Lobby, as:
  1. the move to Palestine would require agreement on a bi-national Jewish-Arab state, and not the wholly Jewish state it insisted upon; and
  2. salvation of the displaced persons would deny the Lobby of its chief fund-raising gimmick, the plight of the displaced persons!

The British, who ended up in charge of the mess and just wanted to be fair to both sides, ended up the target of a vicious Jewish terrorist campaign, and much slurring in the American media as 'anti-Semites'. I like the phrase 'Organized American Jewry':
"Organized American Jewry exerted utmost pressures on public opinion and politicians. This, everyone was reminded, was the same kind of war the American Revolutionists had waged against the very same imperialist power. The tactics of the British in Palestine were compared with those used for a long time against Ireland's fighters for freedom. The blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the mob hanging of two British sergeants brought this hussah from Hollywood's Ben Hecht: 'Every time you let go with your guns at the British betrayers of your homeland, the Jews of America make a little holiday in their hearts.'"

Lilienthal's conclusion remains apt, particularly the last line:
"Day in and day out the press carried such headlines as 'The American Jewish Congress demands' — 'Senator Lehman again renews his plea to open up Palestine,' — 'Congressman Javits of Manhattan suggests a Congressional junket to Palestine to foster the establishment of a Jewish commonwealth.' The British Empire building in Radio Center was picketed while William O'Dwyer, not yet a refugee in Mexico, excoriated the British before the National Council of Young Israel. Zionists flooded the capitol with letters trying to link Palestine with aid to Greece and Turkey. 'Tell the British,' some letters said, 'there will be no aid for the British policy in Greece and Turkey unless they follow the United States lead on Palestine.' The State and War Departments, it is true, were constantly cautioning the White House and Congress that an irresponsible vote-chasing policy for Palestine might irreparably damage the American position in one of the world's most strategic areas. But politicians, when following the scent of 'blocs,' seem to be beyond the reach of reason. At the climax of the Palestine crisis, at any rate, elections were just around the corner (they always seem to be in this blessed country of ours), and both parties were convinced that their eloquent support of statehood for Israel was a prerequisite for their conquest of pivotal states. There was, in fact, no need for the Zionists to refute the solemn warnings that were coming from the War and State Departments. All the Zionists had to do was to make sure that the politicians remained hypnotized by 'the Jewish vote.' Perhaps for the first time in history, a decisive battle could indeed be won with the tools of propaganda. It is to the credit of the Zionists' acumen that they grasped their chance. But it is perhaps less to the credit of America's non-Zionist Jewry that it permitted its self-appointed Zionist leaders to bet the future of American Judaism on the roulette of power politics."

Organized American Jewry continues to analyze every situation with the question 'What's good for the Jews?', but the question doesn't mean what it seems to mean. The average Jewish (or Arab) Israeli is much less secure as a result of the efforts of the neocons, just as the displaced persons were sold out by Jewish leadership for political reasons. 'What's good for the Jews?' means, as it always has, 'what will get us closer to a Zionist Empire across the Middle East?'. Individual real Jews, or groups of Jews, are just cannon fodder to be used and abused towards the real long-term goal. The Zionists will be happy if they are left with one Jew in the world, as long as he is Emperor of the Zionist Empire.

In case you haven't had your fill of this stuff, you might want to read the important article by Grant F. Smith on the political elbows thrown to keep the Lobby from having to register as a foreign lobby, an article based on new information obtained in June from freedom of information requests. Smith also considers how the history of AIPAC connects directly to the lobbying effort to keep the Lobby from being treated like a lobby.