Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patsy pick-up

In what is perhaps the most anti-Semitic act ever committed by American law officials (the racist Secret Service conspicuous by its absence), the patsies - rather rough white supremacists, a group including, laying it on a bit thick, a Mr. Adolph (!) with a swastika ring! - were picked up before they could take the blame for the assassination of Obama by an Israeli sniper hired by the Jewish Billionaires (the sniper is still at large, waiting for new patsies). This is being spun as the rantings of meth-heads, but it is still an odd thing for someone picked up on drug and gun charges to up the ante so much by confessing to a conspiracy to assassinate (!). Left out of the nothing-to-see-here-please-move-along stories is the fact that the group appears to be connected to a drug-dealing biker gang called the Sons of Silence (the gang denies it). Drug-dealing biker gangs need drugs, and the main manufacturers/suppliers of many synthetic drugs are Israeli gangsters. Biker gangs can also make credible threats to members of much worse than going to jail for taking the rap for an assassination. If you blew your role as patsy by being picked up too soon, it might be wise to mitigate your grief in prison by following through on the story.

Obama must be removed as he has promised a quick solution to the Palestinian-Jewish conflict (and he'll follow through as the Old American Establishment part of Wall Street has finally come to the realization that it needs to solve this problem so America's 'brand' will no longer be tainted by the accurate world perception of extreme American bias on the Zionist side), and any solution, no matter how unfair to the Palestinians, will require the setting of Israeli borders. The setting of borders will end the dream of inherently expansionist Zionism, and must be prevented at all costs.