Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wars For The Jews News

Remember how those inconsequential technical services agreements for some oil companies to assist the Iraq government in oil development were supposed to 'prove' that the attack on Iraq really, really was a 'war for oil', and not, as some anti-Semites would have it, a War For The Jews? Well . . . (my emphasis in red):
"Six short-term deals between the Iraqi government and international oil companies are likely to be abandoned after the US embassy said talks had broken down yesterday.

Short-term technical support contracts between the Iraqi government and the multinational companies, each worth around $500m (£268), were due to have been signed earlier this year but stalled due to disagreements over terms, a senior diplomat said.

Charles Ries, co-ordinator for Iraq's economic transition at the US embassy in Baghdad, admitted that talks between the Iraqi government and a consortium led by US-based Anadarko had already fallen through.

Others with Royal Dutch Shell, a joint venture between Shell and BHP Billiton, BP, Exxon Mobil and a venture between Chevron and Total now seem unlikely to go ahead.

'It appears that on present form (the Iraqi government) probably won't proceed with most of these or all of them,' Mr Ries said. 'But I think some of the companies are open to continued discussions even on relationship grounds, and some of the companies don't think it's worth their time.'

He added that the short-term contracts had limited appeal for the oil companies but some had hoped to go on to win longer-term development contracts, which would be far more lucrative.

The deals would have given global oil companies their first major involvement in Iraq's oil sector in nearly 40 years."

Americans should try to imagine how they would feel if Iraq had conducted an completely unprovoked and illegal invasion of the United States based on a series of lies from Israeli operatives, slaughtered fifteen to twenty million Americans, and displaced fifty to a hundred million Americans (these are approximate American equivalents of what the Zionists have done to Iraq). How quickly would Americans be ready to grant lucrative contracts to Iraqi companies? Not too quickly. That's why the oil companies were against the attack, and why it is ludicrous to describe it as a war for oil. It was a War For The Jews, and no amount of spinning will ever change that.