Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where's Dick?

A lot of the analysis about things like the chances of an American (or Israeli) attack on Iran failed so miserably because the analysts failed to note that Dick Cheney has had absolutely no power since the Old American Establishment staged a secret bloodless coup and retook control of the American government about two years ago. Oh sure, he can still cause problems. The debacle in Georgia is telling. Dick and his minions, having no real power, tried to start WWIII by fooling the Georgians into thinking the neocons could deliver American military backup if the Georgians provoked the Russians. Of course, Dick could not deliver such backup, but planned to blackmail the Old American Establishment into providing it with the argument that the United States had to fight to protect its reputation once a key ally was so brutally attacked by the Russians. The Old American Establishment really is tired of fighting Wars For the Jews, and refused to take the bait, essentially saying they weren't going to start a huge war to satisfy the plans of the neocons and their Israeli masters, trying to improve Israel's strategic importance to the U. S. by returning to the golden years (for Zionism) of the Cold War. Cheney has no power; he can only bluff. Had the government of Georgia been given proper intelligence, particlarly about the progrom conducted by the Old American Establishment of Jewish dual loyalists in the White House (Elliot Abrams is still there for the funny reason that the Old American Establishment, looking at his record of strengthening Hamas and Hezbollah through hapless schemes to undermine them, correctly thinks he does World Jewry more harm than good!), they could have saved themselves much grief.

Exactly the same analysis applies to all the 'Iran talk', mostly generated as a result of giving Dick too much credit for having power. Note the American refusal to sell refuelling jets to the Israelis. Normally, that request would have been made in secret, and the response would have been secret. The Old American Establishment is so keen to distance itself from having any blame for anything stupid that Israel might do that it took the almost unprecedented step of making its refusal public. The only similar cases in recent history are when Israel, in direct contravention of agreements with the Americans, sold secret American military technology to American enemies (I note that even when this caused tensions in the relationship, and public steps were taken, the purchasers still appeared to end up with the secret American technology, meaning that the American fury was really for show).

Note also how the refusal was made public. So as not to embarrass Israel, the announcement of the American distancing was made through the Israeli press. You won't find it in the American Jew-controlled media, unless you dig into alternative sites. Nevertheless, the Old American Establishment has ensured that the denial is on record, along with the complete American separation of the United States from the crazed plans of the settler movement. The Israelis will also be thinking about Georgia, an American ally that was hung out to dry by the Old American Establishment. The neocon plan to drag the United States into a war to protect Israel from the Iranian counterattack to the completely illegal and immoral contemplated Israeli slaughter of innocent Iranians may very well fail the same way a similar neocon plan failed for the Georgians. Does Israel want to take the chance of fighting Iran and its rocket-armed allies by itself? And how is Israel going to accomplish this bombing feat without the refuelling jets? And how are its planes going to reach Iran without flying over some country which will deny overflight rights (of course, we all know that international law doesn't apply to the Jews due to the Holocaust Exception)?

All the 'Iran talk' works only on the assumption that Dick is still in full control of the American government and military. He isn't. Failure to recognize this may well prove as tragic to Israel as it has to Georgia.