Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wild Georgian conspiracy theory

Israel had a lot to do with the stupid actions of the government in Georgia (and is boasting about it!). The other big player in convincing the Georgians to walk into a door were the American 'dual-loyalist' Israeli-controlled neocons (it reminds me of George Bush - the father - telling the Kurds that if they rebelled against Saddam after the first Gulf War he would protect them, with the bonus that the subsequent massacre of the Kurds by Saddam, the one which the Americans let happen without doing anything to help the Kurds, was one of the reasons given by the son for his attack on Iraq!). What was the point of handing the Russians a perfect excuse to do what they have wanted to do for years?

I'm in a Pollard frame of mind. Remember Pollard stole American spy secrets to give to Israel so Israel could barter the lives of American spies for Jews released from the Soviet Union (the Soviets kept the decent Jews and sent all the gangsters to Israel, which explains a lot). Israel doesn't want Russia to sell defensive military equipment to countries in the Middle East. Could the Israelis and their treasonous agents in the United States have done a deal with the Russians to set Georgia up to give the Russians a perfect excuse to attack Georgia in return for Russia cutting back on its sales of defensive arms to the Middle East?