Monday, September 15, 2008

Who the hell do you think you are?

Ah, the never-ending debate over why people seem to vote against their class interests, a subject much beloved by Democrats, who can simultaneously display their erudition and their superiority. I'm sure a lot of the suggestions are true: some people are addled by religion, some people are prone to fall for identity politics for various reasons, some people vote for the class interests of the class they aspire to rather than the class they are doomed to stay in, some people are just plain dumb. The main reason why people vote Republican? It's what I've been saying here for a while: the United States, unique amongst its peer countries, has only two parties, each of which, by the standards of any of those peer countries, would be considered to be an e-x-t-r-e-m-e right-wing party. In fact, the Democrats couldn't get elected anywhere else, as they would fall too far to the right of the most extreme mainstream right-wing party in any other country. 'Progressive' Americans are blind to the fact that American politics has accelerated so far right that the Democrats aren't much of an option. A regular voter has a stark choice: the party that unabashedly represents the interests of big corporations, with a promise of a likelihood of a little 'trickle down', or a party which represents the interests of the same corporations, but lies and pretends to be 'progressive'? Do you vote for the devil you know, or the party that is trying to deceive you? It's not much of a choice, and it is not irrational to opt for certainty and avoid the lying party. Of course, the Republicans lie too ('compassionate conservatism'?), the difference being that they lie with a smirk, and everybody knows they are lying.

President Obama is going to be a tremendous disappointment to 'progressive' Americans, and it won't even be his fault. Sure, he's led them on by encouraging them to read into him all sorts of wonderful things, but there is nothing in his record as a straight-down-the-middle Democrat, and nothing in his platform, to indicate any real change in American politics. I'd like to ask Americans who think that this 'Magic Negro' will right all the wrongs of the United States, 'who the hell do you think you are?' Americans have been slaughtering people for centuries now, including over a million in Iraq as I type this (over a million dead people completely unnoticed to Americans), all in aid of the Rise of the American Empire, and to supporting the American 'lifestyle'. On this big day in the future history of the Fall of the American Empire, you are not even allowed to say why Obama will in fact be a temporary savior of the Empire, and an improvement for the average person over McCain (it's only because he won't fight more Wars For The Jews, something you can't say, not because it is hateful to Jews, but because it consists of lèse majesté, a kind of blasphemy against the power of the Empire, and the sense of security of Americans - who fear all those dead people will arise, like zombies, looking for revenge - to even suggest that the Empire could be so easily tricked into acting against its own best interests). More and more extreme right wing politics - paradoxical in that it eventually ends up destroying the big corporations it tries so hard to please - and the complete inability of Americans to even begin to understand what their real problems are (or even find the non-blasphemous language to talk about it) are clear signs of the rapid decline of Empire, or, one of the main themes of this blog, that the United States, and Americans, are fucked. Obama notwithstanding, irredeemably so.