Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November, twenty years ago

Everybody on the American 'left' is gloating about the demise of the Republican Party. This is certainly premature. All Obama has to do is stumble a little bit, and with a terrible economy, the disgusting American media, and the crooked voting machines, the Republicans will be back in power in four short years. It is too early to write Obama off yet, but if all the talk about Hillary as Secretary of State is true - a complete and total fucking disaster as she is the chattel slave of the Jewish Billionaires, as arranged in a package with the pardon of Marc Rich - he will be demonstrating all the signs of the poor judgment that will make him a one-termer. On the other hand, I'm still convinced that the people who pull Obama's strings really want a settlement in the Middle East. As Hillary guarantees that this will never occur, you have to wonder whether Barack Machiavelli isn't at work again. He offers Hillary the job, with the proviso that Bill pass the background vetting, which he knows Bill can't pass (in part because of Bill's association with Marc Rich!; you have to wonder if Eric Holder's connections to Rich will come back to haunt him, or is Holder part of the Barack Machiavelli trick?). Then he can offer Hillary the job for which she is best suited, on the Supreme Court, where her reliably liberal values will make for a very distinguished career as a jurist.

Obama has been planning to be President for at least the last twenty years - as a black in the United States in the 1980s, that is close to a sign of insanity - and probably has had his whole cabinet planned months ago, with all the intrigue just part of the normal course of American political excitement.

It is interesting to note that, leaving aside a crooked Supreme Court and crooked voting machines, the Republicans last won an American Presidential election in November 1988.