Sunday, December 28, 2008

Circle Jerks

These are golden days for both the blood-dripping-from-the fangs crowd, who can celebrate the supreme power of the Supreme Beings, and the Lite Zionists, who can pretend to complain, thus proving the fact that the Supreme Beings are the only entities with a sense of morality. Actually the Zionist/Lite Zionist false dichotomy plays out the old theological problem of the existence of evil. How can evil exist if God is all good and all powerful? The Zionists pose the same question: should the Supreme Beings use their power now to slaughter all the Gentiles living in Greater Israel, or would the morality of the Jews require that the slaughter occur somewhat more slowly?

This philosophical argument usually plays out in discussions in obscure Zionist journals or websites. A blood-dripper writes something to the effect that he's out of matzos so the slaughter of children must pick up, and a Lite replies that such thinking is not in line with the morality of Supreme Beings. The Lites will always claim, either expressly or impliedly, that the problem can and will only be solved by the Jews, presumably as Jews are the only people with morality. It is a circle jerk, by which I mean that the performance of the previous participant encourages and improves the performance of the next.

In these times when the Israeli genocide is stepped up beyond the usual slow-motion plan, the blood-drippers and the Lites don't even have to pretend to play off each other, but can each find their own joy in the actions of the IDF.