Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making peace impossible

Note that the purpose of the Israeli massacres isn't to stop terrorism, isn't to protect the safety of the people of Israel, isn't to stop the rockets, isn't to weaken Hamas to put Israel in a better bargaining position, and isn't to destroy Hamas. An element of it relates to the Israeli election campaign, but the main reason for the slaughter is American politics, in particular the terror in World Jewry that Wall Street and the faltering U. S. economy - which can no longer afford to support Zionist colonialism - will force Obama to impose a peace deal on both parties. Peace is the death of the aspirations of World Jewry, and must be stopped at all costs. The main purpose of the attacks is to make impossible any peace agreement, at least for the next four years. After that, President Palin will look after Zionism.

Note the extreme thinness of the veneer over the fangs of the faux lite Zionists. Also note that Hitchens' problem with Rick Warren is that Warren isn't a Christian Zionist. Alcohol kills brain cells.