Saturday, December 20, 2008

My weekend at Bernie's

There's actually a debate whether Bernie made off with more money from the Gentiles or the Jews. We really have entered the Golden Age of Anti-Semitism.

I don't make Bernie for your traditional con-man. When the authorities showed up, very belatedly, he apparently fessed up immediately, almost as if he was relieved that he no longer had to live the lie. His rise and fall is a pure product of Jewish supremacism.

He probably started out making honest returns, but when he had a couple of bad quarters he started the Ponzi scheme in order to maintain the illusion, held by him and his clients, that his success was due to, and proved, the natural superiority of his tribe (note the natural self-reinforcing nature of supremacism, a fact which makes it so hard to shake: he made a lot of money because he belonged to a naturally superior group, and the superiority of the group is proved because he made a lot of money). The problem was compounded when he burnished his reputation in the 'community' by becoming a big player in American Jewish 'charities', which are themselves often the violent expression of supremacism in the Middle East (American Jewish 'charity', effectively making possible the evils of the Settler Movement and influencing the American government to fight Wars For The Jews, is exactly the same as if a group of American Germans sent Hitler money in 1942 in order to help him build the ovens; no, that's unfair, as the American Germans could plausibly have claimed ignorance, but American Jews can't). He needed to keep up the Ponzi scheme in order to continue to fund his charitable work, which was simultaneously part of the con ( it improved his reputation in the 'community' by expressing its special values in being charitable; for some reason, all supremacist groups hold that they are the only charitable people), and the most tangible manifestation, through its extension to the violence in the Middle East and elsewhere, of Jewish racial supremacism (of course, in the crazy world in which we live it is 'racist' to point out the most obvious and violent racial supremacism, unless the supremacists are white). He needed to continue the con both because he couldn't let down his supremacist-supporting charities, and because he couldn't disappoint those who regarded his financial success as the best proof of superiority of the tribe.

Shyster - it's nice to get a chance to use a word in a context where nobody can possibly complain - Madoff's entire life, success, and scheming is a manifestation of Jewish racial supremacism, which is why there is a certain joy in the irony that his collapse may lead to the collapse of violent American Jewish supremacism in the Middle East.