Monday, December 22, 2008

A series of crises

The Marxists are excited about the impending depression, hoping that people will stop laughing at them and stop assuming they hold their odd ideas due to a serious acid overdose in the early 70s. Fat chance. We still think it was a bad trip. Actually, the only group not in crisis now are the capitalists, who seem to be making out like bandits. Exactly like bandits. I keep hearing that word - invented by the writers of The Simpsons, I think - yoink, as the same people who caused the 'crisis' - which, as I've noted before, is more accurately described as an advertising campaign, although its effects will be all too real - run off into the night with the loot handed out by the American government. The American government officials refuse to say how much money is being handed out (or to put any kind of cap on the total, which is just as well as the numbers bandied about are incomprehensible anyway), or to whom it is being handed out (although we know it is to the same group of banksters who caused the problem), or insist on anything being done in return for all those billions to fix the problems which are the ostensible reason for the loot spreading (just giving rich people money, through the magic of capitalism, is supposed to make everything better; the invisible hand gives everybody else the invisible finger), and the complete rationale and theory of the financial geniuses behind the handouts seems to change from day to day (and contradict each previous day's thinking), so it is not surprising that the handouts and the problem seem to be two ships passing in the night. What it looks like is somebody calling fire in a jewellery store so his confederates can loot the display cabinets. At the end of the day we know that this looting sideshow has nothing to do with the survival of capitalism, which will do, for better or worse, just fine. The only question is how much suffering will occur in the meanwhile, and to whom (we know the answer to that).

I keep hearing that American taxpayers will be footing the bill, which is . . . funny. There is not enough money or credit in the world for either American citizens, or American corporations, or the American government to ever be able to pay even a small amount of the amounts that are owing. American strategists are working on some kind of 'beggar thy neighbor' strategy, attempting to get the rest of the world to pick up the tab (essentially what Nixon did to restructure the world financial system to allow the United States to finance a war it couldn't pay for: what does that remind you of?). The 'crisis' is the pretense for a last feeding at the trough before the heavy negotiations have to start. We're already beginning to see a negative reaction to this planned beggaring/buggering from Russia, China and Europe, although American consumer demand is so important to everybody that they'll eventually agree to something.

As I've noted before, one group thrown into complete crisis over this is American progressivism, which simply lacks any intellectual framework to even begin to understand what is going on. There is an established protocol that capitalists are supposed to use to accumulate their wealth, and this yoinking - both manner and scope - under the Bush Administration is incomprehensible. Thus, Naomi Wolf is starting to sound exactly like Mark from Michigan. Progressives are becoming conspiracy theorists. It doesn't help at all that Obama, the hero they've been dying for, is turning into Bush lite right before their eyes and even before he gets started (I'll have a little more on Obama and the American political machine in a later posting - it is rather shocking how deeply 'connected' he is).

One advantage to the American collapse is the fact that the warmongering will have to be curtailed. No more Wars For The Jews (the planning department of World Jewry seems to have skipped over Lebanon, Syria, and Iran to scheme for the next War For The Jews, against Pakistan, but you don't always get what you want; more on this War For The Jews in a later posting). The sinking realization that the ducks aren't lining up for them any more is causing a crisis in World Jewry, and particularly in American Jewry, a crisis of which the Madoff affair is just a symptom (btw, from a comment by 'Tiger Eye', an obscure link that's worth the read; this may not be a planned conspiracy but just Madoff the Mench helping his old friends out as much as he could).

We've already started to see a fragmenting of World Jewry - the blood-dripping-from-the-fangs crowd, the Lite Zionists (who want what the fangs crowd wants, but balk at all the dead Palestinians, and fear that the fangs crowd's strategy won't work), the Realist Zionists (like Olmert, who have seen the real demographics figures and have belatedly come to the realization that the fangs way is suicidal for Zionism), and even the faux Lite Zionists (like Jeffrey Goldberg, a fanger who thinks it would be a swell idea to pretend temporarily to be Lite for strategic reasons). Madoff failing at this time further undermines the confidence in the project of building Greater Israel across the Middle East, a project which suddenly seems to have lost its mojo in every possible way.

Note the attack from Jews sans frontieres which makes up in vigor what it lacks in rigor. "But what makes Steven Spielberg a sophisticated investor?" Oh, I dunno. Maybe because for the last thirty years he has been producing big-budget Hollywood movies (actually, to be fair, he invented big-budget Hollywood movies), essentially a series of highly complex financial operations run to exacting standards to the tightest of budgets of both money and time. There is no more financially sophisticated man in the United States. Yet he fell for Madoff because he believed and he wanted to believe. The problem with supremacism is that it looks like an incurable mental illness, one that influences the entire world view but is completely invisible to those who suffer from it. Supremacism disappears not because people recover from it; it disappears because they die and the new generation rejects the stupidities of the old (that's what happened, for example, in Germany). The difficulty of escape from the supremacist mind-hold is why you can count real anti-Zionists who are Jewish on your digits without having to take off your shoes (Blankfort, Pappé . . . believe me, the list doesn't go on and on; there are more real anti-Zionists in the Jewish population in Israel, of course). The Jewish people have accomplished a lot, and I couldn't care less about their fantasies if a strange combination of power coincidences hasn't led supremacism directly to so much tragedy, with so much more to come if they are not stopped. Unfortunately, a supremacist is never going to be able to understand that he even has a problem.