Monday, January 12, 2009

The answer

Finding the answer to a Blogger problem isn't easy, and isn't helped by the inscrutable Google style - you can see the frustration in so many similar questions asked with so few answers given! - but the problem with my disappearing comments button was a corrupted widget, probably caused by whatever indignities JS-Kit performed on my template, and the answer to the problem is to remove the offending lines of HTML, republish the template, reinsert the same words, and republish again, all as neatly described here. I've reverted to plain vanilla Blogger comments for now, until I find enough courage to embark upon another comments system (JS-Kit is dead to me).


Man From Atlan said...

Olmert orders Bush to order Rice to vote against the US supported UN resolution. (US 'abstained')
""I said 'get me President Bush on the phone'. They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. I said I didn't care. 'I need to talk to him now'. He got off the podium and spoke to me.
"I told him the United States could not vote in favour. It cannot vote in favour of such a resolution. He immediately called the secretary of state and told her not to vote in favour."

Man From Atlan said...

But then again, where are all the old comments, gone baby with bathwater?

traducteur said...

A gleam of light in the darkness:

Hamas has thus far managed to withstand the Israeli onslaught on its own without suffering any significant damage to its organizational hierarchy or military infrastructure

From The Electronic Intifada,

The inference is that as their casualties mount, the Zionazis will ultimately have to withdraw, as they had to withdraw from Lebanon in 2006.

jr said...

I think it would just be easiest to use blogger comments and if you get spambots turn the word verification option on

Anonymous said...

I always did like the Bible and vanilla. I won't miss any of the old comments. I never go back. That's ancient history anyway... only there for the ego. (or the alter ego)

Juan said...

what happened... I put my name there?

I guess you have to use Name/Url instead of anon.


Juan said...

Hamas on Monday raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders.

True or False? If this is true what more needs to be said about the "humanitarian crisis" ? ...unless it was the Israelis doing the selling and this is the disinformation ?

But I suspect that would be the spin.

Man From Atlan said...

Interesting use of air quotes, where bloggers get to debate whether there's a humanitarian crisis or not. Initially the Isrealis gave THREE hours to get the supplies in, which begs the question how long it would take to distribute them to a population of one and a half million.
You see those mid-air explosions on Teevee, with flaming projectiles? That's white phosporus,0,2138761.story

"Palestinian villagers said the shelling came from the direction of the Israeli border, less than a mile away, scattering flaming objects in their midst and burning down 20 homes and the local United Nations-run school.

"One landed in my kitchen and caused a fire," said Zohair Mohammed abu Rejila, 35. "I went to put it out, but another one landed on Mayar, my baby daughter. It was like a block of fire, a piece of plastic on fire. When I knocked it off her, it exploded and out came this heavy white smoke with a very bad smell."

Juan said...

well MFA, sometimes the problem with sourcing is that, that becomes the issue instead of the issue.

Rowan said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe avoid things beginning with J.

Anonymous said...

How about CJB\\\'s Power Party? Trouble is, it might involving doing rather than just posting.

Anonymous said...

Here is a very good website

Anonymous said...

Go for Wordpress, either self-hosted or at their community site. They're also joos, but their record is still better than Blogger/Google.

Man From Atlan said...

The problem I have with that rumour was it was not only unsourced, juan, but contradictory: How could only 80 trucks be allowed into Gaza but the nasty Hamas stole 100?

Tahir said...

Hamas: We believe in resistance, not revenge

Juan said...

Address the issue MFA. Is Hamas "selling" this "humanitarian" aid to the highest bidder? or not?

You (and Rowan) can stick the source and woof the fuzzy numbers where the sun don't shine and keep looking through your glass bellybuttons.

It's kind of like the disproportionate casualties. It is NOT about the numbers. How many short of 6 million does it need to be to be a Holocaust for you.? huh... huh? And what if they are not Jewish? How many...? is 900 enough for you THIS time? Does it help you somehow if a few of them are not actual "islamofacisist terrorist" militants?

Would I be shocked to find out that rumor was pure crap; disinformation. No.

Man From Atlan said...

Interesting tactics, Juan.
First you post a rumour that Hamas 'raided aid trucks and sold them to the highest bidder' but decline to say where you got it from.
You then leave open the possibility (perhaps you were attributing it to 'Israeli spin')that there isn't actually a "humanitarian crisis".
When queried about the actual number of trucks reported stolen by Hamas, you bring up the Holocaust and say 'it isn't about the numbers' and 'the problem with sourcing is that, that becomes the issue instead of the issue'
Clever, but: I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, except:
"At least 10 trucks with humanitarian aid sent to the Gaza Strip by the Jordanian Red Crescent Society were confiscated by Hamas police shortly after the trucks entered the territory on Thursday evening, according to aid officials in Jerusalem"
"A spokesman for the Hamas police in Gaza said that the number of trucks was in fact 14 and they would be "delivered to Palestinians in need in the Gaza Strip."
"He added that Hamas was the responsible body in the territory and it would decide how to distribute the aid."
Except this story is dated February 10, 2008.
So you see, it's hard to reply to your query? except that it's hard to prove, one way or the other.
But the reason why we ask for sources is because we don't want to repost two year old pictures and claim them to be of 'an Israeli attack on a Gazan market yesterday', to give an example.

Chris said...

Heya - Chris here from JS-Kit.

I'm sorry to hear you had troubles with our commenting system.

We'd love you to give us another try - and we can personally help u to iron out an installation or customization glitches!

Drop me a line at if you'd like to give it a try, we'd love to help you.

Juan said...

Tactics? Accusations are confessions, I guess.

All that tells me MFA, is that it has happened before. Why am I not surprised. But to be honest I still don't know (for sure) if you are corroborating the news or the rumors.

News to the jews and rumors to the pals. So what else is new? lol

Khris Loux said...


Khris from JS-Kit.

I know Chris reached out to your earlier and he is correct, we would
be more than happy to process your template for you and get the comments working correctly.

Please send me an email with the template and the problems you faced and we will fix!

Thank you

Man From Atlan said...

Ostensible supporters of the Palestinian cause shouldn't report Isareli rumours on this forum and then ask people to deny or confirm them. Typical troll like tactics, not that the impression I got of you was that you were a 'pal' sympathiser, juan.