Sunday, February 08, 2009


It was dreadfully late in coming, and everybody in the media is pretending nothing happened, but the war of the rest of the world against the Jews started this past week.


Rowan Berkeley said...

somebody should tell the good folks at CounterPunch, who are still pumping out bilge like this, from Ishmael Reed, no less:

My mother, now 91, said that a few years ago the deceased who had been visiting her since childhood had stopped coming. They'd been replaced by spirits bringing prophecies. She said that one of the spirts said cryptically that Israel is going to be okay.

Anonymous said...

^Forgot to add that passage from Ishmael Reed yesterday. Still, I can't figure out what he means.

Xymp, are you referring to the Pope's decision to rehabilitate Bishop Williamson?

Anonymous said...

Richard Williamson's latest blog entry:

Anonymous said...

This could be turn into a nice song:

(Sully and Suleyman)

Anonymous said...

For those who can read German:

Sauerland-Zelle: Mutmaßlicher CIA-Mann war "der Chef"

Xenophile said...


What event exactly marks this tuning point last week?

About Al-CIAda synthetic terror in North-Rhine Westphalen, here is a commentary with links to videos in German.

Also a video on the recent botched false-flag attack by the BND in Kosovo:

Anonymous said...

Well Xenophile, it is nice to see not all Germans are Obamanias.

Rowan Berkeley said...

It just struck me that a major failure of imagination common to all the habitues if Mondoweiss is that not one of them can see through the biggest fiction of all: namely, the fiction that the people looting the US Treasury are distinct from 'the zionists'.

I was thinking about this last night, and it struck me that we have all been far too ready to internalise the fictional detail, which is the famous 'anti-zionism' of 'georg soros'. It might be better to regard him simply as yet another Rothschild proxy, who does what he is told and serves as a faithful cut-out for whichever Rothschild is running things at the time, i.e., he never breathes a word of any close relationship between them. After all, that is precisely the kind of proxy you would want, if you were a Rothschild, isn't it?

Rowan Berkeley said...

That's a Chris Bollyn sort of approach, isn't it? Look for Madoff's "zionist connections".

Anonymous said...

I never thought Soros was an anti-zionist. He's just part of the Jewish shadow play. His role was/is to be the embodiment of the Jewish liberal conscience. Mahathir had him pegged in 2003, it's just to bad that by 2006 Mahat was step'n and fetch'n with the rest of them. The tribe must have gotten some pictures on the old guy.


Anonymous said...

Some Sunday humor via the Onion...


approval rating



Nanette Asimov said...

Thank God for U.S. Baby Boomers Jews, U.S. retried Jews and their twenty-something millennial off-spring. Yes, Israel will be OK, God willing.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Evie, you are doubtless right never to have been impressed by the zionist alarums about Soros and his 'anti-zionism'. However, this is also interesting in another way: those complaints from the zionist Right about Soros always coupled his supposed 'anti-zionism' with a whole slew of 'Left' qualities - if you remember Barry Chamish used to take this sort of thing to extremes, accusing the Rothschilds themselves of being crypto-communists.

All this happens just because the people targeted are insufficiently right-wing for their critics. I used to read the JPost, etc., and think, well, if the Israeli Left is such a menace to the Right, there must be hope that things will change. But no, it was just their usual exaggeration and vituperation against anyone insufficiently extreme-right for them. The ultra-Right spend a lot of time doing this - painting people only slightly less to the Right than themselves as raving Lefties.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Nanette Asimov said: Israel will be OK, God willing.

The only way 'Israel will be OK' is by imposing an explicitly Jewish dictatorship upon the entire planet, Nanette. Do you really think that they are likely to succeed? We don't.

Ken Hoop said...

I'm not sure what this fuss is about, since Soros never billed himself as anti-Zionist, which at least would have involved taking some kind of position resembling Tony Judt's.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Xymphora


Excuse me but I could not follow what turning-point event you are refering to that supposed to have initiated the war against the Jews

Man From Atlan said...

I think Xymphora is referring to the pope's reinstatement of SPPX bishop Williamson, who doubts the existence of 'gas chambers'
HuffPo printed this defense of him I wrote:
"This is sad, the way everyone piled on the Bishop and the Church for politically incorrect views, while denying certain facts and missing the broader picture:
He has the right to his views.
The Pope has the right to guide his flock, and reinstate anyone he pleases.
The Bigger Picture: Israeli actions in Gaza, and Jewish sympathisers continually bringing up the holocaust, only adds to anti-semitism, not diminish it. Even friends might say, dumb move.
The Facts: Those who say Germans kept meticulous records, have been unable to produce blueprints of the alleged gas chambers, or copies of the death registers, or any forensic evidence whatsoever (6 million corpses leave a lot of evidence, as any cop can tell you)
Emotive recollections by alleged survivors are traditionally disregarded by fairly constituted courts.
The Nuremberg confessions of Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolph Hoess were obtained under extreme torture, the alleged gas chambers were post war Stalinist reconstructions, and those who tried to say otherwise were imprisoned.
This is my honestly held view, which I'd be happy to debate with anyone"

I think even ant-semitism is becoming fashionable, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Man From Atlanta

Thank you for the explaination and the insights. I do not know if the reinstatement of bishop Willimson would have such a devistating out-come on the world jews or the zionest state of Israel.

But whai I am very sure of is that the masacares and war crimes and crimes against huminity committed by Israelis against the improisned people of Gaza will hunt them for long times to come.

Greg Bacon said...

What War Against the Jews?

Did I miss something?

They've burrowed their way into Bama's administration, so no war there.

They've got quislings installed in Paris, Bonn and #10 Downing, so no war there.

One of their most obedient lad dogs, the boot licker Blair, looks to be the next president of Europe, so no battles there.

So where is this War Against the Jews?

Except in the delusional minds of the likes of Abe Fartman and Norman Podhoretz and the legions that follow.

Greg Bacon said...

Oops, looks like that attack against that Venezuelan synagogue was an inside job.

Shit, I'm flabbergasted. Who'd ever thunk that?

Venezuela arrests police, guard in synagogue attack

Man From Atlan said...

Huff PO, a most liberal blog, just published this too:
"Commenters here have felt free to use the most emotive and prejudicial arguments concerning the church or questioners of the Holocaust mythos, then demanded objective links and books from those who disagreed with them.
History isn't the search for a consensus, or agreed upon statement of facts, but the truth.
Zionists can admiringly quote the thoroughly discredited Joan Richards 'From Time Imemorial' to 'prove' the non-existence of a Palestinian people, and many faked Holocaust memoirs, but quibble about the provenance of every or Harry Barnes book so I'm not going to play that game.
As a student of history I'll tell you I've read hundreds of books, so i'm not going to list any one, sorry.
But my opinion, which some may seem allergic to debate, is:
After WWI a group of International Bankers of a certain religious persuasion forced the most ruinous terms upon the German people at the Treaty of Versailles. This caused Germany, which had been the most liberal European country in relations with the Jewish people, become more anti Jewish.
When Hitler was elected in 1933 a Jewish led boycott of Germany gave Hitler the opportunity to move against Jewish control of academia, business and culture and promote the discriminatory Nuremberg Laws. His economic reforms led to a German resurgence.
WWII was an unnecessary war, but Churchill and FDR wanted and got a war anyway. Hitler, to promote the war effort, established slave labour camps which he filled with communists, Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals.
He offered Allies the chance to repatriate the Jews to Madagscar and then Palestine. They refused.
Conditions in the slave camps deteriorated after years of allied bombing on Germany to the point where hundreds of thousands of inmates died of typhus.
There were no homicidal gas chambers, just rooms where clothes were defumigated with Zyklon B, an insecticide to kill the typhus bearing lice. Inmates heads were shaved also as a preventative measure.
The Red Cross visited the camps during the war. No mention made of gas chambers. Germans kept meticulous death records plus cause of death. At best, 300,000 people died of starvation and typhus.
If it were German policy to kill useless mouths and children, Anne Frank would have been gassed. Instead, she died of typhus.
There is no Hitler order concerning the killing of Jews, and Himmler's 'Final Solution' concerned their eventual deportation. Many communist partisans, including Jews, were also shot during the invasion of Russia. But six million corpses, whether buried, cremated, or boiled into soap, would leave mountains of forensic evidence. The execution of ONE prisoner with poison gas is a huge undertaking, and six million, monumentally more so. So far, the only evidence provided is memoirs of exagerrated provenance, and Hollywood movies, however fantastic.
According to Norman Finkelstein, the Holocaust Industry serves only to further the aims of Global Zionism.
I agree"

Nanette Asimov said...

I've worked extra hard to get to where I am - this station in life - I only use cruelty free hair care products and I have my own cable channel with an 800 number scratchily at the bottom. I don't gossip in public spaces in my hometown in south Florida because there are nine there left. Hitler was perhaps one - quarter to half Jewish. Was he a Zionist agent who in the same way Bush ushered in the era of Judeo-Negro officialdom?

Man From Atlan said...

Then again, Huff PO just had a change of heart, deleted all my above comments after posting them.
I'm not really that surprised, I guess.
Hopefully Xymphora will fix the comments page soon, so people can come back.

Anonymous said...

the BEST way to end this Jewish crime and terrorist network is to send in fully armed vigilante men (preferably with machine guns) into various Jew controlled media and TV stations throughout the Western world and play movies like "911 missing links" or "7-7 Ripple Effect" -


kei and yuri said...

Hitler was perhaps one - quarter to half Jewish. Was he a Zionist agent who in the same way Bush ushered in the era of Judeo-Negro officialdom?

Untrue and unimportant. Racial Jewishness is not inherently bad (kei is racially jewy), but it is sometimes useful when you have a guy with a screamingly Jewish name and phenotype and mom, and he's out there schilling for Israel and turns around and insists that heisn't Jewish. The Jews also needlessly make race important by fetishizing it themselves -- if you go to Israel with the right Blutsanteil you get free freshly stolen Arab land. But by itself it's meaningless and Hitler's debunked Jewishness is totally a red herring.
Anything any Bush ever did to help any Blacks must not have been intentional.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - calm down mate. This is false anti-semitism you spout. Enough with the ugly words.

As Dr Robert Bowman, Lt-Col USAF, Aeronautical and Nuclear Engineer has said:

"The official explanation [for 911] in the NIST reports violates the laws of physics. It is physically impossible for a building (or anything else) to fall at near free-fall speed and do work (smashing steel and concrete) on the way down...The symmetrical collapse of building 7 due to highly asymmetrical damage is also unbelieveable. We have not yet been told the truth."

But no-one has said anything about the ethnicity of any possible perpetrators.

No false anti-semitism!

Anonymous said...

"But no-one has said anything about the ethnicity of any possible perpetrators."

Then let me say that 9/11 was a Jew job.

It was a false flag operation to kick start the Jew war on the Arabs.

"Then again, Huff PO just had a change of heart"

No surprise. Huff PO is run by Jews,... just like every other website where you get to comment.

Anonymous said...

As much or little I've read, Mfa, these are objective points of view, supported by Benjamin Freedman as an original witness of time from WW1 on and others. Otherwise it doesn't make sense why today investigators are prevented from collecting evidence against or for the alleged case of planned and done mass-murder, and like Germar Rudolf put in imprisonment.
a bit of logic I've kept until today, Fritz

Rowan Berkeley said...

the circumstantial evidence regarding the WTC points unambiguously enough at silverstein and lowy, it always has done.

lobro said...

The ultra-Right spend a lot of time doing this - painting people only slightly less to the Right than themselves as raving Lefties.

Actually, all Jews do that, and all the time, creating straw kikes to demonstrate diversity of positions and opinions but look more carefully and you will see that the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them.

And those who fail to grasp this underlying reality get clusterfucked.