Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parts of the propaganda war

Before I consider the exciting new War Against The Jews - it might be a little premature to write about it - a little clean-up of links:
  1. Making movies to promote Zionism at the expense of making money has put Hollywood's greatest businessman almost out of business. But hey, if it can allow the shooting of one Palestinian child it's worth it, right?
  2. From Greg Bacon in the comments, arrests have been made in the Venezuelan 'anti-Semitic' synagogue attack, and the arrested include "at least one security official from the synagogue". Like clockwork: Chavez complains about the slaughter in Gaza so the Jews attack themselves to try to garner sympathy. It has happened so, so many times it is almost a joke.
  3. The Jew-controlled American publishing industry is also pulling its weight. This is not just an attack on the fake memoirs; it is also surprisingly 'anti-Semitic', especially as it is published in the New Yorker (remember when the New Yorker used to be relevant?).
  4. Speaking of finding things in odd places, an excellent photo essay on Gaza published in in the New York Times, kinda like opening Der Stürmer in 1943 and finding a similar article on the suffering of the Jews. Published where it is, I assume it is just Jewish sadistic porn.
  5. Also from the comments, a good analysis of the BBC's refusal to allow an appeal for Gaza relief. The BBC couldn't allow Gaza relief to be mentioned as that might cause people to ask why the people of Gaza need relief, which is, by definition, an 'anti-Semitic' question. My question: why does Mark Thompson still have a job?
  6. In the same vein, it is apparently now illegal in Britain to express an opposition to genocide. Just another example of how the JIZ will eventually wreck everything until they are stopped.


Rowan Berkeley said...

Knesset: 120 seats

The final Haaretz poll before the election suggested a strong right-wing bloc of at least the following 60 seats:
Likud with 27 seats,
Yisrael Beiteinu on 18 seats,
Shas with 9 seats
National Union Habayit Hayehudi (the Jewish home) on 6 seats. According to the poll, a center-left bloc would only be able to muster 54 seats:
Kadima with 25 seats,
Labor on 14 seats,
New Movemment-Meretz on 7 seats, Hadash on 3 seats,
United Arab List-Ta'al on 3 seats Balad with 2 seats.

traducteur said...

All the Zionist parties being more or less genocidal, these projected returns are largely devoid of interest.

Greg Bacon said...

JA, these thoughts are VERBOTEN. If you persist in these heresies, you VILL be tracked down and burned at a stake. JA! Nein, VE VILL crucify you like the dog you are, you heathen!

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – World Jewish leaders told Vatican officials that denying the Holocaust was "not an opinion but a crime" when they met on Monday to discuss a bishop they accuse of being anti-Semitic.

My Catholic grade school teachings are a bit rusty, but I believe that one can commit a sin by commission--actually doing the act--or by omission--only thinking about the act.

Does that mean that practicing Catholics have committed a sin if they had thoughts about the Holocaust™?

And is that a venial or mortal sin?

Since Israel and her lackey's are always using the issue of the Holocaust™ to shut up anyone pointing out that they are murdering Palestinians en masse, does questioning Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine also count as a sin? Or does asking questions about Israel's murderous campaign against Palestinians only count as a crime?

One can question or even deny the existence of a God, but it's not a crime. But one can't ask questions about the Holocaust™?

Will the Holy See issue guidelines on what questions are a crime and or a sin?

What's next? Crucifying people for having asked questions about the Zionist version of the Holocaust™?

Greg Bacon said...

All the Zionist parties being more or less genocidal, these projected returns are largely devoid of interest.

I agree. Does it really matter if Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahlmer is voted in to head the Tel Aviv Terror Masters?

The closest Israel got to a peace maker was Rabin and you see what they did to him.

atheo said...

Interesting juxtaposition in news stories:

Differing narratives on killings ~ AP opts not to report the use of dogs on civilians


Rowan Berkeley said...

exit polls will begin appearing as soon as polling closes, at 10 p.m. Israel time.

I can promise you all that they will be utterly devoid of interest.

Xenophile said...

Sorry, fellows, but you guys realize the US is having a cardiac arrest after Timmy Geithner's folderol speech, don't you?

DOW down 4.6%, 2:33 pm


The Babylon-credit system is broken beyond repair, and soon a large number of Americans will be homeless, destitute and living on food-stamps.

I hope the good people here has already taken the necessary precautionary measures concerning water and food supplies.

If the Mad Max scenarion actually happens, the American ire that will be unleashed on the criminals will be something to behold.

Greg Bacon said...

When food shelves in grocery stores are no longer filled or you can't afford to buy the basic necessities thanks to Zimbabwe like inflation, let's see how many of us dumbass Americans still know more about "American Idol" than what's happening in DC.

At the fire house I was stationed at, try and talk about the economy or some bill being passed in DC and all you'd get would be blank stares.
But bring up last night's "Big Game," and the table would erupt with conversation.

Not picking on firefighters, since this disease of stupidity is across the spectrum

The ignorant, spineless and the apathetic are getting just the kind of government they deserve.

Unfortunately, so are the rest of us.

Rowan Berkeley said...

According to a Rafi Smith exit poll commissioned by Ynet,
Kadima won 28 Knesset seats,
Likud won 26 mandates,
Yisrael Beiteinu won 16 seats,
Labor won 14 mandates.

According to Channel 1,
Kadima won 30 Knesset seats,
Likud won 28 mandates,
Yisrael Beiteinu won 14 seats, Labor won 13 mandates.

According to Channel 2,
Kadima won 29 Knesset seats,
Likud won 27 mandates,
Yisrael Beiteinu won 15 seats,
Labor won 13 mandates.

Anonymous said...

As Orwell already mentioned Greg.

Rowan Berkeley said...

If each of the main blocs (Kadima/Labor, Likud/Beiteinu) only has 42 seats, that gives maximal play to the small parties (primarily Shas) to make idiotic demands in return for agreeing to join anybody's coalition - as usual.

traducteur said...

My children keep urging me to move to the city, but I suspect it's more likely that they'll end up joining me here, where we do have food, water, fuel and shelter. Once the electricity is gone, of course, I'll have no way of letting you all know how we're getting on.

Anonymous said...

but reality is this:


already an apartheid state in my opinion, but I remember, long ago xymph made the point on this reality...

Anonymous said...

An article from the propaganda war?


Most people have been shown the film footage taken by American/British propaganda teams who accompanied troops as they liberated the Bergen, Belsen, Buchenwald, and Dachau concentration camps.

The footage, especially from the Belsen camp, features large numbers of emaciated prisoners and corpses.

At this point, nearly everyone is deliberately (mis)led to the (false) conclusion that Jews were exterminated by gas chambers.

That this conclusion is false, is clear, if you are aware of the universally agreed fact, that there were no extermination camps in Germany. Even the extremist, Simon Wiesenthal, admitted this (in a letter to the respected British periodical Books and Bookmen, April 1975, p5, where he says "there were no extermination camps on German soil..."). No historian, Jew or otherwise, any longer claims that there were extermination camps in Germany (the Jew historians still claim that there were extermination camps, but now they claim that they were all located in Poland).

In particular, this means that there was no genocide, and no gas-chambers, at the camps Bergen, Belsen, Buchenwald or Dachau (as these camps were in Germany).

So, the above mentioned film footage from these German camps cannot be evidence for genocide, because, according to ALL the historians, there were no extermination camps in Germany

Clearly then, this US film footage (contrary to what you are told) DOES NOT, and NEVER DID, prove genocide of Jews.

So, the emaciated prisoners and corpses shown in the US film footage, had to have some other cause, or causes.

In fact, the other causes have long been known, but hidden by the Jews. Generally, the Germans managed to adequately feed the prisoners of the concentration camps, even with the transport system under sustained attack. Many photos are available which show thousands of reasonably well-fed prisoners. For example, this photo from Dachau (taken on liberation):


Or, this photo from Buchenwald (taken on liberation).


Or, this photo from Birkenau (Auschwitz) taken on liberation.


What actually happened, was that procedures aimed at holding various diseases in check, broke down under the pressures of war. The main killer, was disease, in particular, typhus.

Typhus is spread by lice. Zyklon-B was an insecticide used to kill the lice that spread Typhus. The Typhus epidemics that raged through the camps (in both the first and second world wars) killed many thousands. If you suffer from Typhus, your body wastes away and you look as if you are starving to death. Typhus, is the reason for most of the severely emaciated prisoners and corpses.

Typhus, explains the mixture of severely emaciated prisoners and healthy prisoners. Those who caught the disease, became severely emaciated, and often died, those who didn't, remained reasonably healthy prisoners.


Derrick Sington, a political prisoner at Belsen, stated:

"Towards the end of February 1945 my own situation changed completely.

By that time typhus had become a serious danger for the whole camp. It was the species of typhus which is transmitted by lice. At one time all the transports which arrived at Belsen had had to pass through a "human laundry" and this disinfection seems to have been effective enough to keep the camp free from lice until the autumn of 1944.

At the end of October a big transport had, for the first time, been admitted to the camp without being disinfected, because there had been some damage to the machinery of the shower-baths. Unfortunately the people of this transport were louse carriers, and from that day the lice gradually spread over the whole camp. [...] Typhus broke out in Camp I about the end of January. At first there were only a few cases, but a month later a dozen had appeared, and it became impossible to check the disease [...]."

From "Belsen Uncovered," Duckworth, London, 1946, by Derrick Sington, pages 117-118.


Of course, this unchecked Typhus epidemic, meant that the death rate at Belsen, was very high, and that there were plenty of emaciated prisoners and corpses to film, in order to feed the lie, that Jews had been systematically exterminated.


A few more reasonably well-fed Dachau inmates (photo taken on liberation).


And, some emaciated corpses at Dachau (photo taken on liberation).


Some emaciated corpses at Buchenwald (photo taken on liberation). This should be compared to the reasonably well-fed Buchenwald prisoners, pictured above.

Here are a few of articles that may help explain what happened:

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Greg Bacon said...

Looks like Netanyahu won. Does that mean he'll celebrate the win like Judeofascists celebrate their holy days by butchering some Palestinians or bombing some Beirut apartment buildings?

SmythFritz said...

Reuters, Steven C. Johnson, Feb.10:
The US on Tuesday rolled out a revamped bank rescue plan that may ultimately cost more than $2 trillion and moved a step closer to enacting an aggressive package to stimulate the world's biggest economy and help reverse the global slowdown....
Geithner and Bernanke in the cash room of the US Trashusury

The U.S. Treasury intends to set up a public-private fund that could absorb up to $1 trillion in toxic assets from banks' books, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said....

the European Commission said European banks should be pressured to declare the bad assets on their books in return for government aid.

hold a minute - aid for bad banks?

Another idea would be to make denial of economic progress a crime as in case of h-locust and make the Vatican pay reparations for that bishop Williamson's disbelief and the Swiss?

European shares ended 2.9 percent lower after the U.S. rescue plan came out and banking giant UBS posted the biggest one-year loss in Swiss history, saying it would cut 2,000 investment banking jobs.

far away from my days.

lobro said...

Does that mean that practicing Catholics have committed a sin if they had thoughts about the Holocaust™?

Jesus: "The truth will set you free"

Actually, no ... just the opposite, it will land you in jail, and you will be excommunicated from Mother Church, Jesus, you goddamn Denier, you.

Rowan Berkeley said...

While both Kadima and Likud cautioned that it was necessary to await the final results, both did their best to spin the results in their favor. Kadima insisted that its apparent emergence as the largest party showed that the public wanted Livni as prime minister. Likud countered that the victory for the rightist bloc overall was a clear repudiation of the current Kadima-led government's policies and a vote for a Netanyahu-led government. Both parties rejected