Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Harman's hypocrisy

Note how Harman is getting in trouble, not for treason or breaking the law or consorting with foreign agents or confirming the complete truth of the Walt/Mearsheimer thesis (including the fact that she claimed her point of influence was in the White House - sorry, Noam), but for the utter hypocrisy of feigning outrage that it was her precious call that was being monitored, a legal wiretap involving an espionage investigation, while she was the primary Democrat who enabled the Bush Administration to engage in illegal spying on Americans. It is curious that the new revelations claim that Gonzales blackmailed her into taking this stance based on his knowledge of the wiretap, while she seemed all too eager to allow illegal surveillance without the prodding of any blackmail (when Gonzales blocked the investigation of Harman in 2006, it looks more like a bribe than blackmail). Even before the tapped call, she had already intervened with the NYT to stop their NSA story before the 2004 elections, when it might have had a political impact favorable to her own party. There is a hell of a lot going on here, all pointing to the enormous control of the Lobby (sorry again, Noam). Blackmail and bribery aren't the right terms - it is more like bipartisan political corruption all in service to the Lobby.
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