Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twitter conspiracy

Outstanding detective work by Charting Stocks on how the Jews are using Twitter to destabilize Iran. Couple that with agents provocateurs within Iran, intelligence assets in the United States playing up the story, and a candidate who ran not to win, but with the sole intention of breaking up the country after the election, and you have the Zionist recipe for destabilizaion, or worse.

When you think about it, the fascination of certain parties with Iranian election corruption is rather funny. The same people did nothing in the face of two recent cases of much worse election fraud in American presidential elections. Even if the Iranians were committing fraud like crazy, Ahmadinejad would have received something like 58% rather than 63%, still by any measure a landslide. On top of all that, the real power still rests in the clerics who determine who can run and make all the big decisions. There is no possible explanation for this sudden interest in Iranian elections other than conspiracy. Remember that Americans have never recovered from the embarrassment of the hostages and the Islamic Revolution in Iran. This is their revenge.
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