Wednesday, July 22, 2009

By way of control of history, thou shalt do war

Everybody should read the pdf at the link provided in the comments by 'So and so', and reflect on how little has changed in the relations between the Jews and their host country. Solzhenitsyn is quite nuanced in his approach - while being completely opposed to the official historical orthodoxy (written by you-know-who; one of the main weapons in their war against everybody else has been control of the historical record) - and the review is equally careful. This is that legendary book that apparently can't be translated into English (!):
"It appears now that the English-speaking world will have to wait
some time yet for a translation of Two Hundred Years Together, Alek-
sandr Solzhenitsyn’s two volume study of Russian-Jewish relations.
Translations into both French and German have been available for five
years, and Italian, Hungarian, Greek, Czech, and Latvian editions are
in the works. But no publisher in America or Britain seems to want to
bother with a book which has clearly generated an unusual degree of
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