Saturday, July 25, 2009


I seem to have touched a nerve in criticizing doctors. I first became aware of the problem with doctors when I, as a student, became acquainted with a large number of medical students and noticed that they all had something in common - stone-cold psychos. Why is this? I imagine it has to do with the nature of what doctors have to do in treating patients, basically handling them, and seeing them, as pieces of meat, not at all unlike how serial killers see their victims. Couple that with the way all professions have deteriorated with the numbing effect of technology (at least 90% of what doctors now do, and their main source of income, is peddling pills), and the grasping for money which seems to have taken over the entire medical profession, and you have a recipe for disaster.

A large number of doctors trained in Canada, with an education hugely subsidized by Canadian taxpayers, immediately head for the United States, where they can make much more money (Canada deals with this by poaching doctors from places like South Africa). Most stay, but a few come back, giving as a reason the complete lack of focus in the American system on actually caring for patients. In the American system a doctor is not a professional, but a cog in a massive profit-making machine. The main advantage of single-payer, besides the oodles of money it saves, is that it maintains the doctor-patient relationship as a professional medical relationship, not solely an economic relationship. Patients understand this, if politicians and 'journalists' do not.

All of this is not to say that there are not some fine, caring people who are doctors. Most, however, are neither fine nor caring. In Canada, it is doctors who are behind most of the attempts to ruin the Canadian system by Americanizing it. Although the official opposition in the United States to a first-world medical delivery system is insurance companies and drug companies, and their lobbyists and owned politicians and 'journalists', American doctors could force the system to change by themselves if they wanted it to change. Unfortunately, they see patients as dollar signs, have become filthy rich off the current system, and have no interest in changing it. American patients know this, which is one of the reasons Americans, if they are honest, will tell you how much they hate doctors. As I do.
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