Sunday, July 12, 2009

La Toya

La Toya speaks (my emphasis in red):
"In a moving exclusive four-hour interview with the News of the World, grieving La Toya - the closest person to Michael from the whole tight-knit Jackson clan - revealed she and the family are convinced her brother's apparent drugs overdose was "foul play" by a shadowy group out to get their hands on his £1 billion fortune.

"Michael WAS murdered," declared La Toya, 53. "And we don't think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people. I feel it was all about money. Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive."

As she posed a series of vital questions about 50-year-old Jacko's sudden death 17 days ago at his rented mansion in Los Angeles, La Toya said the pop icon was:

  • FED a series of addictive drugs to keep him submissive and controlled.
  • KEPT from his family by manipulative people who blocked their visits.
  • WORKED to exhaustion even though he DIDN'T want to do the gruelling string of 50 shows due to start at London's O2 arena tomorrow.
  • ROBBED of TWO MILLION in cash and gems as he lay dying."

""A couple of years ago Michael told me he was worried that people were out to get him. He said, 'They're gonna kill me for my publishing. They want my catalogues and they're gonna kill me for these.'

"I knew something terrible was going to happen."

Brushing her long dark hair back from her face - features that closely resemble her tragic brother's - soft-spoken La Toya added: "Michael was being inappropriately treated by people who got him hooked on drugs.

"I can't say who I believe is responsible as I don't want to jeopardise the police investigation. But not everybody had Michael's best interests at heart. A month ago I felt Michael was going to die before he did his London concerts.

"I felt it would be foul play. I felt he'd never make the show."

La Toya claimed those plotting against her brother deliberately cut him off to become "the loneliest man in the world".

She told us: "They tried to keep the family away at all times, even my dad.

"Michael was being controlled. No one could get through to him.

"We wanted to know why we were being kept away and my father Joe was always trying to get to see him. He tried so hard to be there for Michael. He was seen as a threat but he was trying to help. And if you keep the family away, you can conquer. It's like they say, divide and conquer."

La Toya also claimed millions of dollars in cash and jewels disappeared from Jackson's house the day he died.

She said: "Michael always had cash in his homes, usually around $2 million (£1.2 million) which he used to pay out on things. People said he wasn't wealthy, but Michael always had money with him.

"When I went to the house later that day there was NO cash or jewellery. So many people had been through that house before I got there. Someone went in there and did a good job. It was very strange.""

""There was an empty pill box on a cabinet. We also found loads of empty oxygen tanks in the garage of the house." Jackson was found to be on a potentially lethal cocktail of drugs when he died, with twice-a-day injections of morphine-related painkiller Demerol and doses of powerful narcotic Dilaudid.

He was also taking twice-daily jabs of painkiller Vistaril, anxiety drug Xanax, anti-depressants Prozac and Zoloft, plus anti-indigestion drug Prilosec.

Cops removed two dustbin bags-full of prescription drugs from the house.

But La Toya insisted vegetarian Jacko had told her he was on a six-month DETOX.

And the last time they'd met, at 60th wedding anniversary celebrations for their parents in a Beverly Hills curry house three weeks before his death, the singer seemed strong and healthy to his sister.

She said: "Michael was fit, happy and enjoyed every minute of it. Sure he was thin, but Michael was always thin. From my understanding, he was very healthy.

"When I arrived Michael was there standing by the door greeting people, and he said to me, 'You look fabulous.'

"It was a wonderful time. When he left we embraced each other and he said, 'Thanks for a nice time. We have to do this again in Vegas.'

"He went to the door, and as he got into the vehicle he looked back and waved goodbye. It's sad to think that was the last time I saw my baby brother."

La Toya claimed that he was then wiped out by the punishing rehearsal schedule for the London shows. In the last two days before his death, the Thriller star had performed a dress rehearsal and then a full day's run-through and strategy session. But La Toya insists that in reality Michael wanted to GIVE UP music.

"He really wanted to be a movie director," she said. "He was doing everything to make that happen. He had an idea do a horror film called Thriller. He designed the poster for it already.

"He didn't want to do 50 shows, he only wanted to do 10. But he was pushed. And Michael being Michael didn't want to let down his fans.

"But even his daughter Paris said, 'They worked Daddy too hard.' Somebody that fragile can't keep going on like that." La Toya revealed she is also mystified by the sacking of Michael's entire staff just HOURS after his death.

She said the family found out when they went back to the house at 11.30pm to claim the star's belongings. La Toya added: "We were told all the guys loyal to Michael had been fired. I couldn't work it out.""

I think La Toya has worked it out quite well. The banksters isolated him, filled him full of drugs (note how their controlled media is making Jackson out to be a record-setting consumer of drugs), murdered him, stole everything that wasn't nailed down, and fired anybody who might get in the way. Now they will avoid the problems with Jackson being unable to finish the impossible tour, and can reap the rewards of that billion dollar catalogue. Jackson came to realize, to his horror, that he was worth more dead than alive, and the banksters would stop at nothing to get their hands on his money. All he had to protect himself was a voodoo curse.
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